Hello im a 21 year old guy from Denmark. Back In 2017, i was going for a road trip vacation in the United States.

We started of in Las Vegas, where my mom visited and old women she lived with for a year, back when she was 16 and an exchange student.

We then drove to L.A then Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and finally Louisiana. I am and i was very into true scary stories, I especially enjoy cryptid/unexplained creatures, and skinwalker/wendigo stories, and I told my family about it. but my sister and her boyfriend wasnt very convinced and teased me about believing in such things.

My dad dont believe in god or superstitious or anything, but have had som strange thing happen to him, so he is a little more open minded, which my mom also, because she have experienced some paranormal shit.

When we were driving though the deserts of Arizona, my dad had to have a smoke and we wanted to stretch our legs. We got out of the car and my dad started smoking and we looked around. Then suddenly my sisters says “what is that” and pointed towards the desert, where we immediately noticed a lion sized totally black cat like it was so black it absorbed the light, it’s was just walking, it had a really long and thick tail and it walked so fricking weird like it was a robot, just totally stiff legs. Then it noticed us and just froze and turned its head really fast and just stared, then I turned it’s body without moving it’s head and started walking out direction. Then I said that we should probably get in the car a get moving because I wasn’t staying around waiting for it to reach us. My family quickly agreed and we hurried to get in the car and take off.

For the rest of the trip my sister’s boyfriend and my sister didn’t tease my about unexplainable creatures anymore.

We were really agitated by this thing. I started google searching about animals that live in Arizona and i couldn’t find anything about a big ass feline that black, any where in the world. The only big cats I could find were Jaguars and it’s rare they get black and not that black, and it was also much larger than a jaguar. And jaguars, Cougars og Mountain lions live in forested areas and def not in the middle of dirt of cacti.

I still think about this a lot, and I’ve never found an answer to what this were, and I believe even more now that there are creatures is this world that we don’t know about.

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Sounds scary. It may be a Native American cryptoid since you are in Arizona.
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