This story take place back when I was about five years old. My family lived in a rural area. All houses were wery far apart. We were no strangers to all sorts of wildlife. So, my dad built a ten feet high wire fence with a gate, so he can access the woods around the back yard. I know, he was a bit too protective

One day I was plaing in a sand pile, net to the fence. I had my favourite toy, red pickup truck. Then dad walked by, to the gate, opened it and said:

,, Would you like to go get firewood with me ?"

I said no, I was to busy playing. So he closed the gate and went into the woods. Few hours pased by and he returned, draging a big branch. He left it in front of the door and got into the house. I was back to doing my business in no time.

Just as I got bored and stood up I heard rustling just behind the tree line. Then I saw my dad coming out of the forest. I was confused, frightened. As he got near the fence my heart skiped a beat.

,, Would you like to get firewood with me ?"

It sounded like my dad. At this point I was afraid to move. It sid it again, and again, and again. Each time in a more demonic voice, groing more frustrated as it did so. Every time looking less like my dad, transorming into SOMETHIG. I turned my hed towards the house, silently beging for help. I turned back, IT was in its original forme. Some pail skin, human ears but pointed, but still had my dads face. That made me sream. It was moving its ears, studying the sound. As it opened its jaws, to its CHEST, and it imitaded my sream sounding 100% like me. I passed out.

Waking up a few hours later, in our living room , was such a relief. But sometimes, as a grown individual, I can still hear sreams, MY screams coming from the front door.
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