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While being stationed in the Mid-south area, I saw a lot of grassland, open plains, and big cities. 

One night after getting off shift, I decided to grab some dinner with a couple of coworkers. After leaving a night of storytelling and good food, we all went our separate ways home. As it was still early in the night, around 11pm, and I didn’t have to work the next day, I decided to go for a drive. I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to go, so I turned on the car and pulled out of the barracks. 

As I usually do to pass the time, I turned on a podcast on Spotify that told creepy stories and went driving. After driving for about an hour, passing through cities and making it out into the woods, I found a good road near the Missouri state line and hopped on. It took me down winding roads and switchbacks with only my high beams and moonlight to guide me down the darkened road.

Only being able to go about 20mph down this road, I put the windows down to breathe in some fresh air. About 30 minutes into the drive I could hear the sound of feet running through the brush. I thought “ how is that possible? Over the roar of the engine and the podcast, I shouldn’t be able to hear that ``''AND, how could that sound be heard clearly, as if it were right beside my car, I’M GOING 20mph!?” I just shrugged it off as my anxiety from driving in the night...listening to scary stories. Until… I came to a tree down in the road. Slowing down, I looked for a way to get around the tree. I spotted an opening just big enough for my car to slip through and I put my car in reverse to gain better positioning. As my reverse lights illuminated the area behind me, I saw something dark run from one side of the road to the other. While still in reverse, I turned my head back around and thought “thank goodness I didn’t hit that deer, my insurance company would have killed me.” But then I realized something, deer don’t walk on two legs, and uhh deer don’t look like bears. So, just shaking it off, I turned my head back around and pulled back further and then flipped the car into drive. 

I started to slowly pull forward and then a branch fell onto the hood of my car. And no, I don’t mean a twig, I mean a thick heavy branch. I stepped outside my car to lift it off and examine the damage, but when I tossed the branch to the other side of the fallen tree, I heard it hit something. Not the ground, but something...else. I took a step back when I heard the thud, and two piercing blue eyes, like the color of the Whitewalkers eyes in Game of Thrones, came up from behind the fallen tree. What came after was a loud, distorted howl, like as if someone recorded a wolf howling, but couldn’t get a clear recording. I immediately ran back to my car and put the windows up and sped past the downed tree. In my rear view mirror, I could faintly see a black silhouette galloping behind my car. I sped up even faster until I reached a clearing. I looked back again, and those piercing blue eyes had stopped right at the edge of the woods. 

Once again, I felt safe. I drove through the clearing, which was lit up by moonlight until I hit the second patch of woods. I entered the woods and I slowly started to calm down. In the distance I could see what looked like flashlights moving around. I kept diving until I reached a driveway. “This is really far out, I’m surprised anyone even lives out here this far.” I thought to myself. On either side of the entrance to the driveway sat two gothic looking gargoyles. Creeped out, I decided just to turn my headlights off and made my way down the driveway so I do not spook the people who may live there. Well, more so that I don’t get shot for trespassing. Leading down the driveway and lining the front circle driveway were old-fashioned fire burning wooden torches. I drove up to a big beautiful black plantation style home. Candles sat in every windowsill and beautiful red rose bushes lined the front of the home. I stepped out of the car and stood next to my door, hoping not to be seen. In the distance, I could hear some low rumbling sounds and people talking.

I was going to step out from next to my car to take a closer look when three hooded things walked out from behind the house. Then rattling chains could be heard dragging through the tall grass next to the house. Attached to four chains and being escorted by four hooded things, was an 8ft tall creature. It looked almost human, but it walked hunched over, hands the size of frying pans, and nails that would match an average person’s fingers. The creature then screeched out like a dragon and two enormous wings sprouted from its back. The things held on tightly to the chains and dragged the creature towards the front courtyard. The other four things now came into view, walking down the front porch steps and carrying a giant concrete chair. The creature flailed and screamed in a deep voice, “you will not send me back!” The things grabbed it and strapped it to the chair. While trying to free itself, the now eight things got down on their knees and chanted three times “Gloria causa Satani, descendit!” One of the things stands and stands right next to the creatures ear and screams, “Baphomet!” 

The creature then immediately looks directly at me. With one finger the creature waves it side to side and smiles a disgusting yellow fanged grin. The things all turn at once and faced me. Right before my eyes,the now known demon, wings still exposed starts to turn into stone from its legs to its head. Not realizing, the things have now fully surrounded my car. One of the things pinned me up against the car door and pulled a pristine dagger out from behind its back. All at once, the things removed their hoods. “Oh. My. God.” I thought. “They’re beautiful.” Light colored skin, long flowing blonde hair and bright green eyes. They all smiled at me. “You’’re…” This thing just laughed and raised its dagger to my mouth before I could finish and said…

“Glory be to God”       

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