Just to start off this whole story is a true story from an Oregonian Boy Scout Summer Camp, the name of which I don't think I can reveal, and takes place from the perspective of a 14 year old scout, me. The first encounter was had on one of my many solo hikes through the camp grounds, which took me off trail in the hunt of an abandoned part of the camp, a chapel that was rumored to have been abandoned years prior.

I had discovered a decrepit trail that was overgrown and looked more like a deer trail than anything else, but after maybe 20-30 feet I found what looked like the rumored chapel, which was only a few worn benches, some trash, and a crumbling fire bowl.

As any foolish young scout I ran into the chapel, meaning to find out what happened there, only to feel like I was being watched. In vain I looked around on the grounds around me and saw nothing but the overgrown chapel, but even with this I felt uneasy and began to leave, in case it was a counselor that I couldn't see, but as I rushed out I looked up to the trees for a final glance and there above me was a large dark figure, one that looked to be about the size of a full grown man, leaping through the trees without making anything more than a rustle that sounded like the wind.

Upon seeing this I rushed back to the main trail and found some of my fellow scouts, hoping that they could confirm what I had seen. I met up with my friend, who will be called friend A for now, who wanted to come along to see the chapel, and did not believe that I had seen anything. We hiked into the chapel to find that one of the benches was newly broken and there being no signs of whatever had done it, not even the cryptid from before.

Satisfied that all was well we went to regroup with the boys of our troop so that we could go back to camp to get ready for lunch.

The walk there was uneventful and we got ready in time, but before we could leave we had to grab one of my troop mates, who was, for a merit badge, constructing a survival shack behind the camp. This was all fine until we heard something following us, we thought it was just a deer until it started charging through the brush towards our camp and we realized that it was on 2 legs, not on 4.

Everyone in the group collectively ran back to warn the rest of the scouts there, who at first thought we were pulling a prank on them, at least until another scout, friend B, came rushing back saying someone was walking around by his tent, someone who he thought was us until he saw all of the boys of our troop were gathered by the campfire already. This sent shock through the scouts causing many of them to arm themselves with sticks, pocket knives, and rocks to defend against whomever it was in our camp site.

We all stood there in fear of what it could be, some thinking it was a bear, others thought it was a man, at least until we all looked up and saw it standing on top of a half dead tree, leering down at us.

This creature was, as I had said, about the size of a grown man, was covered in a brown fur that looked to be short, like a deer or a short hair dog, and on its head was what looked like the skull of a dear loosely placed almost like a helmet, its arms were long and skinny, its legs were almost impossible to see, but it stood like it was going to kill us all, like it felt no fear at the herd of young boys that were before it. It didn't move for what felt like eternity, we began to think we were seeing things until an adult came back to camp, and upon hearing this the creature leaped off of its perch and sprung into the woods behind it with a grace that sent a shiver down my spine. None of us ever saw that thing again and no one was to go anywhere without 2 friends and their knife, a rule that we still loosely hold to this day.

I don't know what we all saw that day, but I've heard a lot of stories, both from my family, who are versed in native american culture, and this channel which have lead me to conclude that I am lucky to be alive, and that I should warn people to be careful when out in the Oregonian woods, there are things out here that go without an explanation, things that won't care who you are, or how old you are, they just want to know what you taste like.
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