I want to start off by saying that this story is from a female’s perspective.

With that being said I guess I will start with the beginning of my day.


My alarm clock went off, jarring me from a dreamless sleep.

I grumbled and rubbed my face. It was 2:45 A.M. I already hated myself for accepting a super early shift. My daily rush of getting ready for work included a quick pat for my cat, coffee, a hot shower, and more coffee.

Clumsily I walked out of my house and to my car, the air was cold and crisp. I shrugged deeper in my sweater and ran for my car.

After bobbing to some bad rap songs I was feeling more awake and before too long I was pulling into the parking lot at work.

At this point I wish I would of stayed home. I missed my bed and was definitely not a morning person, but I have a conscious and knew if I backed down now someone would have to cover this super long shift. Pulling my keys from the ignition I sighed; letting my eyes glance up and out of my window-shield. That’s when I first noticed something was weird. Glancing at the clock it was now 3:40 a.m. and I was due to punch in, in 20 minutes.

I had a few minutes to play detective. Hopping out of my car I slowly and quietly shut my door. It was still dark outside, my work had a creepy alley right next to the parking lot. From the alley I heard a scuffling sound. Like foot steps and garbage being tossed through. I live in the city. Figuring it was a homeless person I grabbed an extra granola bar from my purse and walked towards the noise.

I could see in front of me, due to the street lights. However when I looked to where the noise was generating from all I seen was a big green dumpster and a black mass. Was it a shadow? No it was definitely moving on it’s own. My heart slowed and my fight or flight took a hold of me. I didn’t understand what I was seeing. My brain couldn’t make sense of it. I turned on my heel, heading towards my work building or hell even at this point my car.


Was it smelling me? I literally made no noise as I turned how did it hear me? Half turned towards my car and half still pointing towards this....beast I seen ears atop it’s head. They perked up and twitched.

The coldest chill ran through my body. My hand dropped the extra granola bar I was holding onto.


The unknown beast growled and slowly started to hunker down, hidden by the dumpster. All I could see was dark hair sticking up. That was all I needed. I ran, ran down the alley, past my car and into my work building where I slammed the door.

I didn’t feel safe though. I work alone, specially this early in the morning. Nobody was here and the doors were made of glass. I stepped towards the doors knowing you needed a code to open it and looked out.

I seen nothing. My heart was still trying to beat out of my chest, my breath fogging up the glass as I peered out.


Something growled.

Goosebumps instantly rose to my skin. Who was calling my name?

“Ana let me in; I’m cold.”

Whined the voice.

I’m not stupid. I didn’t know exactly what was going on but I was not about to open the door for anyone. I put my head down and fast walked to my office. I shut the door and swiped close the blinds.

My office is situated on the first floor with big bay windows over looking the street that was usually packed with cars but now was empty.

I logged onto my computer and it slowly started up. I got in and informed my boss I was there and clocked in. Great 5 minutes early.

My breathing slowed at this point. I wasn’t feeling normal but I was feeling better. Trying to forget the incident I dived into my work.

45 minutes passed. No voices, just the fan blowing softly from behind me.


I heard from the window. My heart beat slowed even more. A small whistle escaped my lips as I blew hot air out.


I couldn’t believe my ears, was that nails tapping against glass?

I very slowly got up from my chair and walked over to the window. My hand grasped the window blind and for some reason I had crouched down trying to make myself look smaller. I used one finger to pull up and peek out of the side of the blinds.

Much to my satisfaction nothing was there. At that time I figured if I didn’t see anything maybe I was still kind of tired and imagined hearing the tapping noise.

Making my way back to my seat I sat down, brushed more sleep crusties out my eyes and looked at my work again. I needed to get these files filled out if I ever had a dream of getting my weekend off. So on I went, passing roughly another 20 minutes without a noise.

And then a WHAP sound made my fly out of my chair. Again the noise was coming from the window. It sounded like a solid thud. Like something semi heavy was hurled at the window.

Oh my gosh was someone trying to break in? Were they trying to break the windows?

Most people would respond to this with fear.

People that don’t believe in the paranormal would pass it off as something logical.

Me? I got mad. I was angry and sleep deprived. So what does one do when this happens?

I stormed to the window and snatched the blinds up letting out a loud breath of air through my nose.

There it was again. Looking at me. I could see it clearer now. The dark brown hair, muscled body. It looked like an over sized dog, however it stood on its back legs. I knew then I had made a mistake. I knew I was way in over my head.

My breath caught in my throat as this thing eyed me up and down. Drool hanging from it’s over sized teeth. My granola bar from earlier still clenched in it’s over sized paw.

I shut the blinds. So quick it left tiny rope burns on my hands. I didn’t care about work. I didn’t care about anything. I crawled under my desk pulling my knees to my chest and cried. I don’t know how long I sat there for. Hours? Minutes?

No noise never came from the window again.

Gradually the sky lightened up. Once I noticed this I crawled out from my hiding spot. Still nobody was here. It was just barely 6am at this time. I figured the earliest I would see anyone was at 8a.m. That’s usually when I got to work as well.

I’m a smoker. Call it stupid, call it wasteful whatever word suits you best. With that being said I stepped out the front door for a quick nicotine fix. I peered left, and peered right. Nothing but empty roads and a empty parking lot minus my car. I gave myself a couple minutes to stop shaking. I inhaled my cigarette desperately.

That’s when the noise came again. A low growling sound. I looked up cigarette already out of my hand and my other hand was on the door.

I seen the beast for the last time. Standing on top of the dumpster on the other side of the road. He or it was looking at me, peering down. And then he raised his paw and flung.

With a sickening stinging in my leg I looked down ready to drop down to the ground if my adrenaline hadn’t kicked in again, there laid the granola bar. Now smashed to pieces and the package was ripped open laying limply at my feet. I rubbed my leg where the granola bar hit me. I looked up knowing I had bigger things to fear, but, yet it was gone.

The city woke up. By the time I got back into my office and looked out the window there was cars trickling up and down the roads. The sun was coming up and the darkness fled. I stood there looking out. Across the grass, over the roads, even to the buildings across the street. I took it in with new eyes. I would never forget this day. Specially because I could see long thin scratch lines etched in the glass.

If the beast wanted to get in and devour me whole he could of, and that’s enough to not make me feel safe anymore.
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