Stephanie Garza
Let's start off by saying that we are Avid listeners to Darkness prevails.
A few weeks ago we were listening to "Horror  Stories from every State" your video, and we heard one from New Mexico it was the New Mexican Dogman. 
Ihad taken place at the Oasis State Park.

With that said we live about 15 minutes away from there. So we decided to go camping at the Oasis, but we were not going unprepared, and considering we've heard stories where people have shot at these Dogman or skinwalkers or what have you, and it didn't phase these creatures, we decided to bring some holy water along just in case.

We get there and set up camp putting our tent on the back of the truck because of the fear of rattlesnakes sneaking up on us in the night. Across the road from our campsite was a trail leading to the bathrooms and the pond. Anywho Let's give you a little background of the Oasis State Park.
During the 70s and 80s there was a Satanic Cult that that worshipped on the Oasis State Park grounds.

The Cult would practice rituals with animal sacrifices included. Then law enforcement got involved and evacuated all the Cult members. Now back to June 2019. After setting up camp and walking down to the pond to do some fishing we came back just to relax.

We enjoyed the scenery and Wildlife. We watched as Tiny lizards scurried about on the campsite floor. They were fast too! As evening approached we could hear coyotes howling in the distance.
But as it got late Into the Night we heard the sound of crying.

However it didn't sound like a normal cry. It sounded somehow like a cross between a woman and a child crying. It was constant, it didn't take a break to breathe it just kept going. So for safety reasons we decided to sleep in the truck.
The next morning everything seemed like it had gone back to normal nothing was out of ordinary. That day we made several trips from the pond and back enjoying the scenery and Wildlife as we went.

During the evening we sat down and listen to Darkness prevails while relaxing, again hearing the coyotes howl in the distance. It was about 1:00 A.M and there was a dog barking in the campsite near us, you could also hear crickets chirping in the distance and a light Breeze was picking up.
Then it was dead silent and there was no sound.

There was no dog barking, no crickets chirping, and there was no Breeze at all just silence! Then the silence was broken by demonic growling! Grabbing our flashlights as quickly as we can, we shined them across the road to where the growling was coming from in the trees, and it got quiet.
But then, we heard more growling! As I quickly shined my light across the road I saw a tall pale figure. "Do you see that, do you see that?" I asked my spouse
"See what ?"she asked in a rushed voice.

There's a figure in the tree." "Where I don't see anything"
I point when I looked back to where the figure was standing it was gone. Don't ask me what the figure look like because I was not wearing my glasses all I can make out is a tall humanoid figure.

I looked at my spouse and asked, "Do you want to go home" my voice trembling.
She agreed and we pulled the fastest camp pack up in history throwing stuff in the back of the truck in the tent just trying to get the hell out of there.
As my spouse was putting the spare tire into the tent she stopped and looked towards the trees across the road where I'd seen the figure and I asked her, "What happened?"
and she said nothing.

Told me to get in the truck which I quickly obliged. We hauled ass out of the park as we are on the highway my spouse turns to me and asked "Do you want to know what I saw?"
"Yes" I said. She said she saw a figure which looked like a head with thick horns! But, she wasn't sure if it were branches or what have you.
We'd walked around that area during the day and where she had seen the head with horns those branches on that tree  looked nothing like it. Not as thick as what she saw.

Needless to say we will not be going back to the Oasis State Park even during the day because whatever is there is not friendly and I don't think the holy water that we brought would have done much good.
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