So about last fall, Me and a group of  friends decided to have one big sleepover and, since I'm the oldest of the group. We ended up having it at my house which at the time I lived in a creepy old church basement it didnt really matter tho considering it was furnished and was a pretty decent size. Me and my friends had a good time playing cards, colouring, and telling scary stories, ya know the usual stuff. It
was about 2:00am before we finally passed out.  There were four of us and two beds which was fine and  I ended up sharing a bed with my friends 7yr old sister, no big deal  until about 3:00am she woke me up and said "hey who's that man over there?" To which I responded "it's probably my Dad go to sleep" and she said "no its not he's taller" now my dad is 6'2 not to mention the fact that he's the only man in the house. so getting suspicious that shes just messing with me, I turned over to see what she was looking at and what I saw chilled me to the bone, there were a bunch of figures shaped like men, but what was odd was the fact that I  wasn't scared at all more so comforted so i turned to the 7 yr old next to me and said "there's nothing to be afraid of angels are watching over us" then we said some prayers. The next morning came by quickly and mentioned what happened the night before and my friends sister said "I don't remember that all I remember is that a man touched my head and fell asleep"  me and the other girls were freaked out, I haven't had a single sleepover since that night
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