I was in elementary school when this happened. To give you some context about the elementary school, it had the stereotypical playground, and it was literally less than a mile from the middle school, and it only had one floor, and no security cameras at the time of this incident. I guess I should also mention I was 5 at the time.

So I was sitting in my science class, 8th period, daydreaming about leaving school and going home for fall break,and not focusing on what my teacher, Mr.B was teaching. That’s when the principals voice on the loudspeaker said “ This is not a drill, I repeat not a drill, we are going on lockdown. The teacher quickly locked all the doors and hushed us into the corner of the room. My classmates were asking the teacher what was going on since he had his phone out reading either a teacher or the principals email.

Apparently, the middle school had an armed intruder and there were rumors that the intruder was heading our way next. What happened in the next 8 minutes will haunt me forever, there was an ear piercing grunt-like scream at the end of the hall and it lasted for 10 minutes!

The scream sounded like a male, we heard him try to enter classrooms and some of the children screamed in absolute terror. Then he came to our room but this time he did not try the knob and leave to try to open another classroom. Instead, he literally kicked and smashed his body weight against the door and I saw cracks forming that were probably bigger than my face.

The intruder gave up when all he had to do was ram or kick into the door one more time, but instead he gave up and started doing the same to other classrooms down the hall. Thankfully, when the intruder forcefully entered the door through the playground side the secretary hid and called the cops. When the police with bulletproof vests and different types of guns entered and told us to leave, we obliged to their commands, even thought it was chilly as heck outside. They eventually walked a 6ft 7 man with handcuffs out of the school he gave us all stares of hate and malice, and when he gave me that stare it sent chills down my spine.

The police told us that he injured 6 students at the middle school, but luckily they were in critical condition. My parents picked me up crying and hugging me profusely. Fall break was enjoyable, but let me tell you, the thought of that stare of hate and malice from the shooter would pop in my head here and there and when it would it would chill me to the bone.

I’m 18 now, but I do have some thoughts about the incident, but the one that will always get me is, “What would have happened if he rammed that door in one more time?”
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