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I was about six/seven years old we were on the school bus going home, we stopped to drop off my best friend as the assistant was undoing the safety clamps on my friend's wheelchair to get her off the bus there was a loud commotion from the house next door. (It's worth me mentioning that we all knew the area well, and we all believed from my friend living next door that the house was abandoned for many years, it was creepy, burnt out and grimey on the outside, the garden was so overgrown with weeds and tall grass you could not see the path, and the gate was almost off it's hinges.) The commotion came from a very dirty, unkempt deranged sounding man who suddenly just appeared out of nowhere and started to run at the open end bus. He had something shiny in his hand and he was ranting insanely The back was down as the assistant and driver were just about to put my friend on the lift in her wheelchair to take her to her front door, the man tried to get on the back of the bus via the lift but obviously as the bus was full of young disabled children the driver and assistant weren't letting that happen, they quickly raised the lift and shut the doors, the man frustrated by this went round the sides of the bus and banged loudly on the windows scaring us very badly. We had to stay locked in the bus until someone (probably a neighbour) called the police. Now the really creepy thing was, by the time the police arrived there was no sign of the man at all, it was like he disappeared as fast as he appeared. The police looked for him in and around the house but they didn't see anything of him, they spoke to the driver and assistant for some time and waited for my friend to be taken to her front door, and until we drove away. We never did find out who the man was but I can still remember the incident like it was yesterday
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