I am a 20 year old man and i am  native American and this happened to me when i was 13 I was in 6th grade me and a few of my friends were planning to go camp hunting let's call them Tim Mike Lucas Ben and Jake Ben's dad  let's call him Will was taking us out as we got ready I packed the things I needed flashlight snacks etc etc as we were on our way to get gas me and my friends started talking about what we were gonna do if we actually shot a deer in the head do we started betting on who ever kills the biggest deer we have to gets $20 fast forward to the camp site as we set up camp we decided to get ready go hunting as we walked in the forest we started to hear this howling almost sounded like it was distorted but it was too far away to clearly hear it Ben's dad said it might be a timber wolf so continued on we finally found a good sized deer but Tim stepped on a stick and it made a loud snap scaring the deer away so I turned around and said way to go dumb ass as the day the day went on and the sun started to set we decided to head back to camp we gathered up some fire wood as we sat around the fire I started to hear this faint whispering I asked everyone if they have heard anything they all looked at me with confusion so I thought I was my imagination so I shrugged it off as we got too the ten I fell asleep I woke up later that night having to use the bathroom and as went to the edge of the woods i had the feeling of being watched so trying to hurry up I started to hear footsteps  I thought it was just one of my friends using the bathroom to do I said who is that and the footsteps stopped I started to think that one of my friends were trying to scare me or something and I heard Tim's voice come here I want to show you something but it sounded distorted kind of like a demon or something so I shine my flashlight to where I heard Tim's voice and I was shocked to see this tall creature it had pale skin and it had no eyes just black sockets and it's nails were long I was frozen in fear i had no choice but to run as I did it let out this distorted scream I ran like never before I made it to the camp and I ran into me Tim's tent and i heard that thing howling in the distance I barely slept that night and I heard of the wendigo and I believe that's what it was thank you for sharing my story
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