I am an 18 year old female and at the time of this incident, I was 17. I like to go on walks a lot and there’s a bike trail by my house that I like to walk on. To better understand this story, it’s kind of important to know what this trail is like. 

There is a nature preserve place about five minutes from my house, which is also right across from the trail I walk on. On one end of the trail, there’s a bridge that’s attached to it. Right across from this is the nature preserve. On the other end of the trail, there is a high school baseball diamond on one side, and a little wooded area on the other side. This is the side this incident took place. 

I was walking on the trail when I look over at the baseball diamond and I see this guy walking in the parking lot. I started getting red flags as soon as I saw this dude, because I knew he shouldn’t have been there since it was private property and he was obviously trespassing. As I keep walking, the guy squeezes through one of those triangular gates that are meant to block off cars, and he just walks across the trail and into the wooded area and just stands there. As soon as I see this, I start to freak the heck out. 

I guess I should also add that I really can't describe what the guy looked like. Because I was honestly more focused on just getting out of there than paying attention to what he looked like. So anyway, the guy walks into the woods, so I just turn around and start walking back towards my home. I kept turning my head around to look at the guy out of fear that he would follow me, and an elderly couple walking their dog who was also on the trail noticed the guy too and noticed that I kept turning around to look at him. The woman told me that they would be watching him and would tell me if it looked like he was gonna try to follow me. To this day, I thank God for them. As I started getting further and further away from the guy, I did notice that he was walking out of the woods a bit and it looked like he was walking in my direction. But once he was out of sight, nothing else happened and I haven’t seen him since. Even though this happened a year ago, I’m still nervous to go on that side of the trail. I also got pepper spray shortly after this happened, and now I never go on walks without having my pepper spray with me. I know this story isn’t really quite as scary as other ones, and some honestly might not even find it scary at all. But nothing like that has ever happened to me before and it was terrifying for me. Please just be aware of your surroundings whenever you’re outside. 
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