This story takes place when i was 16 years old. i was up at my dads house in the rocky mountains of colorado. it was my 4th of 5 nights up there. the last 2 nights he would be working at nights, leaving me home alone with his german shepherd and my german shepherd i brought up from my moms house. now it was a hot summer day and his house didn’t have any AC so from dusk till dawn we left the sliding glass door on the deck open to cool off the house. his house was pretty isolated and in a safe area.

my dad being a cop, we of course practiced the second amendment, so there were multiple firearms around the house. it was about 10:30 when i got one of the dogs on the couch with me and started watching a movie.

i think it was silence of the lambs. but anyways, the theatre room/living room was down stairs along with my bedroom, so i couldn’t see the sliding glass door, but as stated before, it was a safe area and had multiple firearms if needed. i never expected to have to even grab one but none the less i knew where they were and how to use them.

about half way through the movie i was nodding off when i heard my dads dog bark from the deck up stairs. i assumed he was just barking at an animal or something so i thought nothing of it. after about 30 seconds i heard my dads dog start barking like mad. my dog got up and ran outside with the other dog. at this point i was freaked out quite a bit so i grabbed the glock 19 sitting on top of the mini fridge as well as one of the flashlights my dad uses for work.

i went outside the deck with the dogs still barking very aggressively at something outside the fence behind the house.

as i turned the corner of the house to see what the dogs were barking at, they both stopped barking and started growling and walking back towards the house with their tails between their legs and the fur on the back of their necks straight up. i could barely make this out as there were clouds covering the moonlight, but in the tree line about 15 yards from the fence it was pitch black.

i turned on the flashlight and pointed it to where the dogs were growling at. the tree line light up in bright white light, but i couldn’t see anything at first. but as i focused, i noticed a head peaking out from behind a tree.

the head was completely bald, no eye brows, just staring at me. no emotion on the face. the eyes were the darkest black i’ve ever seen. now i was only 16, was by no means brave and had no intention of confronting this person or... thing at that time. even with a firearm, something about this whole situation made me feel scared to my core. like this wasn’t just a person or an animal. my mind was screaming at me to get inside at that very moment. and that’s exactly what i did.

i called the dogs, who were hesitant to turn their backs on the tree line, and got them inside. i closed and locked the sliding glass door, grabbed a long rifle and called my dad who was on duty in the county. the dogs both lay at the back door, snarling and growling for the next 15 minutes until they just stopped. 5 minutes after they stopped growling, i saw blue lights flashing and 2 squad cars coming down the driveway. 3 officers, including my dad searched the 30 acres of of property and came up with nothing, but they all said they felt uneasy, as if they were being watched. my dads friend stayed by the house the rest of his shift, and fortunately nothing else came of the situation.

definitely the scariest experience of my life. whatever was staring at me was definitely not human, and was not friendly. that was the first time in my life where my primal instincts overpowered any other feeling i had. please be careful if you’re in the rocky mountains, because meth heads and mountain lions aren’t the only dangerous things out there.
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