I moved down to Arizona in a small town off interstate 40 to live with my girlfriend a few months back. I have suffered from sleep paralysis for years but one day it just stopped happening and I have no idea why. When i moved in to my girlfriends apartment she told me that creepy things happen in it and i believed her but never experienced it until one night. On this night her and I were asleep in our room and we usually always close our bedroom door, "More safety with another door in the way." But for some reason our door was opened and i have no idea when. I woke up later that night in total sleep paralysis at around 3 in the morning. I looked up to see our bedroom door open and so was the room adjacent to ours which her infant son was sleeping in. I thought nothing of this untill i couldnt move and then seeing a tall shadowy figure standing in our doorway staring directly at me. I was unable to move talk shout or scream. This figure watched me for a couple of minutes before showing a huge unsettling grin. Once it noticed that i saw it put a finger over its mouth to say "shhhh" while no sound came out. Seconds later i heard a maniacal laugh as this shadow shot into our sons room and slamming the door. I screamed for what seemed like hours before i shot up yelling. My girlfriend was already awake and up before was screaming because our son had woken her by screaming a blood curdling scream. She asked what was wrong and i refused to tell her but ran to our sons room with her he would not stop screaming until he was taken out of his room lights on or of it didnt matter. Three days later i told my girlfriend what happened and we never slept well unless we were down at my parents house for the weekend. Fast forward a few restless weeks we decided to leave her apartment and move my my parents who we stayed with for a while. Not many things happened at my parents house some noises thats all. Until 2 months ago I had gone to bed early i was exhausted my girlfriend stayed up to watch tv in the living room
 I was asleep no problems  at all until i had a terrifyingly realistic nightmare.  I was laying in bed with the tv on "we didnt have a tv in our room" i kept seeing the static screen dim but it was there and every so often i would see an image of a person before being dragged into a room down a long hallway in the tv static. Four or do people were dragged in there before i saw a ghoulish looking man dragging a what seemed like a dead family into the room. After seeing that the door to the left og me opened at the foot of our bed and I see my girlfriend walk in and i say "hi baby whats wrong" I got no answer but she turned to face me and all i saw was that smile from my sleep paralysis in our apartment and this time it was a pale face wearing that smile with a small nose and bleeding dark eyes. I screamed so loud my girlfriend ran in panicking. Fast forward to last night on November 20th of 2019. I read that when you cant sleep or wake up abruptly it is because an evil entity is there and i believed it but not as much as i do now. I kept waking up in the dead of night  to sounds i have never heard some i knew were my dog but others i have no idea. The worst noise was at our bedroom door which was closed and i have thankfully locked. I hear the door nob trying to turn before it started to furious jiggle or shake like someone or something was trying to get in. Then followed a low groan of irritation. I knew everyone was asleep because it was 3am and i watched my parents go to bed that night so no one was up to do these things. After the groan I sat up too scared to even breathe because what if it wasnt paranormal my son is in the next room i have to do something right? Well it wasnt a person that i could tell because for the next 3 tiring and frightening hours all i heard was a constant low scratching on the middle of the door to be followed by more groaning. So far thats all i have had happen but i cant sleep much anymore i cant even get up to get water or run to the bathroom we get so scared.
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