This happened to me a while ago, but I can tell you it still haunts me to this day. Lets start off with some background information. This story takes place in my house which I have been living in for over 10 years, and I can tell you I have had many other paranormal experiences, but this one has got to be the most bone chilling one that has ever happened to me. It was around last year when this happened, I was home alone because my parents and I had gotten into a fight and they didn't want me to go with them to our family cabin as a punishment. So after they left with my two other sisters I was finally alone. Now the rule is I am only allowed to shower 3 times a week because of expensive water bills but I took my parents being gone to my advantage and decided to shower while they were gone. I know that's not really a bad thing but if you would meet my parents you would know how strict they are. So anyway I decide to shower and I go upstairs to the nice bathroom but the shower head is broken so I am forced to use the basement one. Now our basement is like a second living room but it is still a basement and basements are always creepy, and if I can I will share pics down below. Anyway like I was saying I went to the one downstairs and took a shower. While I was in there I kept hearing noises, like someone shuffling around, and at one point heard the bathroom closet door open. I looked out and saw nothing, the bathroom closet wasn't even open, I just brushed it off as my imagination and completed my shower. When I got dressed and went to leave the door wouldn't open, The doorknob didn't even move, I thought that I may have locked the door but realized there is no lock on this bathroom door. I then felt a presence I could only describe as evil and felt a heavy weight on my chest, I then felt something like a hand brush up and down my back. I press up against the door eyes closed tight and began to pray, I then felt it all stop as quick as it had started and felt relief wash over me, I open the door and exit, I don't know if it was the time of day or something but the small hallway to the bathroom, and main area of the basement seemed more Erie then before. The next day when I caught a glimpse of my back it had a red line down the middle exactly where whatever it was, was rubbing me. I guess whatever it was didn't want to leave without leaving a mark.
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