My name is Aaron, I'm 26 as of now and this story happened in the summer of 2009 when I was 14 years old. I grew up in a small town called Fife Lake, and my mother would work at multiple jobs while I was growing up to support my brother and I. One of the most common places I could remember her working at were either gas stations or small party stores. She ended up working at this gas station in Fife Lake called Beacon & Bridge. Often my brother and I would go to her work during the summer to visit and sometimes even help her back in the coolers and help stock things like soda for her. I remember this day in particular because after my mother's shift, we were supposed to go on this huge family camping trip and today we were all going to go tubing down the CCC bridges with a lot of cousins, aunt's and uncle's. So I was pretty excited to see my family and couldn't wait for my mom to get out of work. She had about two hours left in her shift so myself and my brother were waiting around the gas station. I remember this shorter heavier set lady had come in. I didn't think much of it because that day seemed busy and I was helping my mother stock the cooler. When I came out the lady was standing near the section where you can make coffee, or get a fountain drink. Which was right next to the area I was coming out of. When I came out of the back cooler area she was staring right at me and smiling. My young naive self back then was very friendly and I spoke with anyone. So I smiled and said hello back to this lady. She seemed over joyed that I acknowledged her presence and started talking to me about the weather and how nice it was. I was in agreeance with her and I said I was waiting for my mom to get out of work so our family could go down the river. She kind of ignored what I said and then asked if I could hold her purse for her. I didn't think much of it so I said: "Sure I can hold it for you." Then she started to open her purse while I was holding it. Now I need to mention she was holding some things she wanted to buy. I can't really remember what it all was, but it seemed like miscellaneous stuff like a car charger and AA batteries. When she was looking through her purse I looked at her and started to notice her arms were a very chalky white. Like to the point if I touched her arms it seemed like a powdery substance would come off of her arms. I thought it was odd but quickly forgot about it when the woman had asked me: "Can you help me find my money in my purse?" I was very taken back at her question, and I began to felt uneasy at her request. I was raised to never go into my mother's or father wallet or purse unless I was directly asked to. It's a type of respect I suppose for our personal belongings. I asked her: "Are you sure you need me to?" Then she got this wicked smile, showing her darkened yellow teeth and her eyes became wild with excitement and said: "I really would appreciate if you could help me find my money so I can buy these things I need." Uncomfortable with her request and how she was looking at me I agreed and started to look around this purse that was just full of all types of things. There was a few cell phones, some tape, lighters, toothpicks all sorts of things that I was looking around in for this money she wanted. Then towards the bottom of the purse there was thick wads of $100 dollar bills rolled up and rubber banded together. I'm talking like five or six of these wads. If you've ever watched like a movie that has drug dealers or mafias and you see how they give money out to whoever it is, then you'd get the idea. I pulled out one of these rolls of cash and handed it to the lady. Her smile had gotten larger and she thanked me for handing her, her cash. The whole situation was making me on edge. For multiple reasons, I'm in the middle of the store and at any time she could shout that I'm going to rob her, the looks she had been giving me the entire time had creeped me out and finally she had asked the question that absolutely floored me. She had asked with her wide creepy smile: "I'm going to Chicago to see my friends, would you like to come with me?" I tried to hide my fear and shakily laughed it off saying: "I'm only 14 and I can't go. My mother wouldn't let me even if I wanted." The lady had come back with: "You can go hide in my car and you can run away with me. I'll buy you whatever you want and you don't have to go to school." I was extremely uncomfortable at this point and I looked around for my mom, she was nowhere in sight and there weren't many customers I could look to for help. I didn't really know how to get out of the situation so I told the lady: "I can't go with you as cool and fun as that sounds, I have to go help my mom have a good trip." I walked towards the back of the store and slipped out the back door. I had the keys to my mom's van and I quickly went and sat in the driver's seat trying to calm myself down on just what happened. I texted some of my friends trying to forget what happened, and I was waiting for my mom to come out of the gas station because she had only a half hour left in her shift. As I sat there waiting, dismissing what had happened I noticed there was a few more cars around my mother's car that had been there before I came out. I saw a lot of vehicle towards the front of the gas station getting gas and whatever else they needed. I was hoping that the lady was parked away from my mother's vehicle. But as luck would have it, I saw her making her way around the corner of the store walking towards her vehicle that was literally parked right next to my mother's van. I was trying to lie the seat down I was sitting in so she wouldn't see me. But she did and that creepy smile came back when she saw me and she walked by getting into her car. She rolled down her windows and started calling for me: "Young man, young man, excuse me young man!" She kept calling to me. Finally I sat up and looked at her, and spoke: "Hey, what's up?" She then started to ask me: "Are you sure you don't want to go to Chicago with me? I have all types of things that is fun and will keep you more than occupied. Do you like drugs? I have weed, I have meth, I have cocaine. Do you want to try any?" She sat there smiling excitedly. My stomach sank in disgust and I looked at the clock in the van seeing my mom would be out at any moment. I told the lady: "No thank you I'm not interested and I don't do drugs, please leave me alone and go away." The creepy smiling expression disappeared from her face and turned into a hurt pouting look and she asked me: "Are you sure?" I had replied: "I'm more than sure." She turned in her car and backed out. I thought she was gone and I was so relieved. Then I saw my mother walking up to the passenger side of the van and began to open it and get in a few minutes after my interaction with that woman. I was even more relieved but on edge still. I asked my mom to hurry up and let's get going. My mother was very annoyed and she told me that I can wait while she changes her shoes and that they'll wait for us for the river trip. I was old enough to have my permit and drive so I started the van anxiously waiting for the "ok" from my mother to go. When to my horror that same lady pulled up back on my side of the car, windows rolled down and she asked my mother: "Is this your son?" My mother saw my horrified look on my face and replied to the lady: "How is that any of your fucking concern if he's my son or not." The lady's jaw dropped and quickly backed out and sped off. I told my mother everything that had happened and she was astonished. She was angry and wanted to actually fight that lady. I'm thankful for having such a loving and protective mother. Looking back on that situation makes me thankful it had happened to me and not my younger brother Dylan at the time. It scares me to think how many times she's pulled that scheme with children and how many times they were actually successful. Take this seriously and do not just talk to strangers. It could cost you your life. I was very lucky for being in a public place and for my mother being there.
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