I have to start off that this didnt happen to me, but to my friend who was at Big 5 Sporting goods only yesterday. I felt the need to share it because its so freightening and scary, especially since I have a toddler of my own. 

My friend, we call her Bobo, had a baby only 7 months ago. Her daughter is the pride and joy of her life. In our state, there have been a lot of news stories about children being taken, specifically by women or couples.

While Bobo and her husband were at Big 5 searching for some golf equipment (Mr. Bobo is an avid golfer), my friend took the time to call up her mother and do some catching up. She had her daughter on her hip, arm securely around her waist while she held the phone with her other hand.

Her husband and she seperated as he ventured further into the store and she got lost in conversation. She said her husband was only away for a few moments before she felt a tug on her daughters arm. Bobo looked to see an older woman of about 40 trying to pull her daughter away.

"Let me hold her," the woman said. Bobo told her no. Her daughter was fussy today, and she tried to walk away going back to her phone conversation. The woman followed her and said again, "Let me hold her." 

Bobo said she was getting nervous and declined again, now searching for her husband in the store. This is where it gets even creepier though.

As Bobo spotred her husband a man joined the woman and tried to grab at her daughter again. "Let us hold her," the man said. Bobo shifted her daughter and yelled No loud enough that some store personnel and her husband heard. The couple then fled the store and security came to ber aid. She says they reveiwed the security footage and called the police. 

This scared me because it was a couple trying to pull the child from her arms. We always fear for our children but we never think they can literally be pulled from our arms.
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