Hi I believe I have also submitted this to swap Dweller I do not believe it got submitted do to some Internet problems so in case it didn’t I decided to submit it here. this is not my story but my mothers and fathers so I’ll let her write it-Slightly off

We live in southern Minnesota near the Mississippi River.    One evening approximately 12 years ago, I was driving home from work.  It was around 1:30 am.  Off to my right two cat like figures caught my attention as they stood in the field.  I have grown up hunting and hiking the wood around my hometowns.  I have seen bear, cougar, deer, lynx,  wolves and a variety of other wildlife.  But this made me slam my brakes on and turn my car around.

I have always described them as Egyptian cats on steroids.  They had the body size of a lynx.  Only taller.  They had pointed ears, flattish snout, long neck, very long legs,  and a long tail.  They were short haired and very sleek looking.As I turned the car around they both took off across the field with a decidedly feline gait.  Of course I told my husband when I got home, but he insisted that they were probably cougar.  

About two weeks later he was coming home from work also around 1:30-2:00 am.  He at that point also saw the pair.  It was approximately two miles from the original spot I had seen them .  He agreed that definitely we not cougar or lynx.  We have not seen them since as far as we know no one else has them either.

Hi it’s back to me now I was wondering if you have any stories about similar things  in the area if you could tell us it would help greatly and we’ll  appreciate it-Slightly off

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