This story takes place in a small town where I grew up, I have had many other Paranormal Experiences before this, But this one I will always remember till the day I die...One Winter day Me, My Mom and My sister moved into my new found stepfather's house about a mile off the road of any civilization we're driving down the long and rocky road going through two creeks that went throughout the driveway to get to the house that was a mile off the roadway. 

Everything seemed normal. It was a cold and snowy day and I seen the house. The was old and needed a lot of work but I thought to myself this could be a very beautiful place to live...And it was. Nothing but land and woods in this new house me and my family were moving into.  This was around 2013 or so.

Fast forward a few months or so. And its summer, Hot summer day and everyone was in a good mood and were all hanging out in my sisters room me playing on my phone as a 15 year old would at the time. My sister playing Wii and my two cousins doing their own thing on there phones. The A/C cranking and were all hanging out. To give you a sort of description of the room. I was facing the doorway. And straight out the doorway (With a sheet covering both doorways at the time) was the stairs to the right for my sisters room and the left if you came out of my room. In the room was a door that we used for storage and we considered it to just be something my stepdad had always put junk and stuff in which would have been to my left from where I was sitting in playing on my cell phone. My old Nokia if you will. 

Pretty soon my mom called out and said dinner was ready, Everyone but me got up and ran downstairs to get their plate and thank my wonderful mother for making food for us. Basically they are gonna be a little while so I hung back and waited for everyone to get their food first like the gentleman I have always tried to be. So there I was alone in my sisters room. Playing snake 2 on what I thought was the coolest phone ever. 

When to my left where that Storage/Attic door slowly opened and my eyes immediately turned to it. The house was old so shrugged it off like nothing even happened but was still very creepy none the less. A few moments went by and I kept looking at that door. Being it just came open with no explanation. No wind was moving and the A/C was a window unit and couldn't possibly do that.

Next thing I heard scared the absolutely crap out of me....and I can still to this day hear it when I think about it. I hear something whisper in my ear saying my name all Erie like. (Jake....) immediately I said "Bill stop messing with me I know that's you" I got up and went to the stairs and looked down and no one was there... no one was around at all everyone was still getting their  plates for dinner so something a Ghost?  Knew my name and was calling my name in my sisters room. I still get the creeps about it. 

If people like my story I will share more of my paranormal experiences..I have tons to share.
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