Let me start off by telling you that Grand Portage is one of the most rural places in Minnesota, and it is at the northernmost tip of the state. The population is about 722 at the most. It is on the shores of Lake Superior, and it is indeed a very beautiful hamlet. We have hunting areas on great places to fish on the lake. In the winter, you can see the Northern lights at times, which always keeps me and my family awake for sometime. 

I live in a decent sized house at the edge of the woods and a couple meters from the water. Everyday, you can either take a hike in the beautiful woods or go to the lake, which is the family swimming pool, if you catch my drift. I am a thirty year old mother, with two children and a husband, and we have lived in this area for our entire lives. We have loved this area ever since, and we have no intention of moving, no matter what caused the most scariest moment of my life. 

It was one fall day around November I think it was, and I had decided to take a walk in the woods by myself. It was about six PM, and the sky was beginning to darken. I did not mind, as I had walked in the woods hundreds of times at dusk or even the pitch black night, and nothing ever happened to me. I didn’t realize that tonight would change my opinion of these woods for the rest of my life. 

I zipped my coat and walked outside. I breathed the fresh air, and the crisp air made me feel at ease. My husband goes hunting and fishing in these woods time to time, and he had taught me all the paths in the woods. I took the path leading to deep in the woods, and I wasn’t worried. As I said, I had been taught the paths and knew them like the back of my hand. As I was walking, I saw the occasional rabbit and chubby squirrel, and I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of doe and her fawn in the darkening sky. As I walked deeper in the woods, I suddenly picked up that all the sounds in the woods had stopped. No insects chirping, no footsteps of the nighttime animals. I was confused, but when I would hunt with my husband, he told me it was because a predator was near. There were coyotes, wolves, and the occasional bear. There were also moose in these woods, and since these woods sort of connected with a Grand Portage State Park, I was sure there were hundreds of them. 

Suddenly, I heard an ear piercing wail. I had never heard something like this in all the years of my life. No animal in these woods could make a sound like that, not even a screech owl. Then, I picked up on the smell of decay. Like rotting flesh with fish. I pressed my fingers over my nose and gagged. There must be a super dead animal around her, I thought. I realized then that I heard soft footsteps coming way, but for right now, they were to the left. I turned, but saw nothing. Gradually, the footsteps got louder, and I turned to run but tripped on a piece of bark. 

Then, I heard something I would never forget. It was my five year old son’s voice, calling me to the right, just behind a couple of big oak trees. 

The voice said, “Mommy, is that you? Come over here, I found something cool.” 

I wrinkled my face in confusion. My son obviously was not here, he was in bed at this time of night. Furthermore, he would not come out here alone, as he would easily get lost or hurt in these woods. 

The voice repeated itself. “Mommy, is that you? Come over here, I found something cool.” 

The voice was my son’s, but it was all wrong. It seemed as if someone had recorded his voice and played it with some static. I was panicking, and as I got up, the thing responsible for talking in my son’s voice stepped out from behind an oak tree. This thing was tall and lanky, about six feet tall, a bit taller than me, as I am five foot seven. This thing’s face was horrible. It had the deepest black eyes I had ever seen, and I knew those two eyes were staring at me. It had no nose, but it’s mouth was huge. Its skin was pale gray with white. It had no hair on its head, and I could see ribs protruding from its sides. Its arms were super thin as were its legs, but for some reason it looked very strong. Suddenly, it did what I could only depict was a smile. This smile chilled me so much, that it felt like one hundred cold fronts were going through my body. The thing had jagged, white teeth, and when it smiled, its mouth seemed to expand even wider, making its mouth too big for its face. Then, it did something that scared me ever more. It spoke in my seven year old daughter’s voice, saying, “Oh, mommy. It’s cold out here. Let’s go home.” 

I could only manage out a blood curling scream as I bolted down the path that led back to my house. I ran with everything I had, but I knew that thing was behind me, because I heard raspy breathing along with rapid footsteps. It let out a series of ear piercing wails and shrieks, but I did not turn around. As I reached the clearing, I heard the thing stop. I didn’t hear its footsteps, but that did not stop me from bolting up the porch steps, open the door, slam it closed, and lock it tightly. My husband, surprised, asked me what was wrong, as he was coming out of the kitchen with a bowl of oatmeal. He must have seen the fear on my face as I pulled down the shades of all the windows of the house.

When I regained my composure, I managed to sit down and talk with my husband. To my surprise, he believed me, admitting that on some hunts he had heard shrieks coming from deeper into the woods. I did a lot of research of what this thing could have been, and the closest thing I could find was either a wendigo or a rake, both creatures of the forest, who were known to scream and change their voices. All I can tell you is, this story is one hundred percent true, but whoever does not believe it, that does not matter to me. I know what I saw and it was no bear. I never go out at night anymore, and even in broad daylight, I carry one of my husband’s hunting rifles or handguns, just in case.  

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