This happened in 2015. I was 19.

I am from Scotland and was studying forestry at the time.

The course took me to many a wooded area and forest.

I was in dense pine and spruce forest planted for timber production in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway. It was mid-October and around 3 pm when I entered the tree line.

As high as the sun was at this time, little light managed to reach through to the forest floor which was littered with branches and needles.

Hardly any vegetation grew on the ground, there were only sporadic patches of moss. It was gradually getting darker as I continued to make my way deeper into the woods. I decided to find a spot to sit down in a patch of light to have a drink of water and a snack.

Around 25 minutes had passed until I finally found a small clearing around 4m in diameter with a high stump near the centre of it, there were also a few bushy pine saplings growing opposite of the stump, on the edge of the clearing
I sat down and began to relax and take a bottle of water and a sandwich out from my rucksack.

I was sitting there for around 5 minutes, taking my time to eat and drink. Just admiring the sun shining down on me and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees.

That was when I heard loud thumping on the forest floor like someone was throwing very large rocks forcefully down onto the ground. The sounds happened every 4 or 5 seconds and seemed to only be about 15m outside of the clearing, but they were getting closer with every thump.

I thought it must have been a massive stag clomping around but it didn't sound like the methodical footfalls of a deer, or any animal I knew of for that matter.

Another distinct noise came into the hearing, like a very large and very heavy object being dragged along the ground.
I stopped eating to listen more carefully, internally wondering just what sort of animal decided to come to join me. At this point, I was honestly more curious than afraid.

It reached the each of the clearings and was rustling its way through the saplings when its arm, then entire front half of its grotesque body came into view.

I sat there on the stump. Frozen in place like a statue, not moving just breathing slowly and staring wide-eyed at this obscene creature.

I took it all in at once.
It had an overall vaguely human shape.
The skin was a ragged and mottled pale yellow, like milk left to curdle out in the sun for days. Small patches of darker skin, grey or off white, was on its neck.

Every single bone looked to be thin, stretched and brittle underneath the skin. Yet the joints of its fingers, elbows and wrists where swollen, almost comically large and seemed to be weighing the thing down as if every movement was a struggle to lift each limb.

Its hideous face is seared into my mind.
The eyes were large and bulbous like that of an insect, protruding outward, covering the top half of its head and was the same sort of shade as the mottled patches of skin.
They had no iris or pupil that I could see. It just seemed to filled with an unmoving liquid, almost like the entire eye was a cataract and bulged slightly outward.

A putrid looking deep and vertical wound or orifice were on the lower half of its face Strips of its bloody flesh swayed as it moved and a slimy blunted tongue hung limp and foul, about 30cm in length from in between the torn skin directly beneath the eyes.

Ragged exhales and hoarse, gargling inhales was that I could hear during this. No birds and no wind.

Its head was wider and more stout looking than a human, connected to a pair of narrow shoulders by seemingly no neck.

The rest of its body was mundane compared to the head and face. Elongated and emaciated. Abnormally long fingers and toes. But the limbs were in moderate proportion to a man of over 6ft I'd say but bent and twisted in a twitchy manner that would rip muscles and tendons in a normal person. Like an off-beat staccato rhythm, or a lizard moving in increments.

It didn't look at me directly, though it was facing in my direction. Around half a minute passed. It appeared to be cautious while I sat on that stump for what seemed like an eternity, petrified.

Eventually, however, the creature turned around, it's bones creaking and a pained, rattling moan emanating in a raspy tone from it. The noise reverberated in the silent woods and lasted for nearly a full minute.

During that encounter, I had made my peace. I honestly believed that my life would be at the mercy of this being and that no one would ever find me.

Grabbing my bag I shot up and dashed back into the forest, in the opposite direction of where I saw it.
The sun hadn't completely gone down, so I make my way well enough. I didn't stumble or lose my footing.

But I was pretty much without a sense of where I was. No identifying landmarks besides the clearing.
Thankfully after a few minutes of panicked jogging, I found a dirt road used by forestry vehicles which had a clear pale grey sky at one end.

I bolted towards it and I wasn't that far away from the exit thankfully. Only took me about 3 minutes.

I followed the track out of the forest and eventually connected to the main road.

Finally knowing where I was, not far from the public entrance where I left my car. 10 minutes and I was inside my little hatchback with the radio blasting, high beams on and doors locked shaking and taking deep breaths.

I calmed down once I was distracted enough and headed back into the town and to the Bed & Breakfast where I was staying.

I packed and left within the hour.

I have been to countless other forests since then and have never experienced anything like that. Nothing paranormal or anything unnatural. I've asked friends, family and co-workers, if they've seen anything unusual in the woods but they just either mention ghosts, drug-related activity or dead animals.

It doesn't bother me as much since the years have gone by, but I am always apprehensive about going into any woodland alone and in the dark.
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