So my family is originally from one of the southern states of Mexico known as Oaxaca.

We lived in a poor town that was surrounded by mountains and the nearest city was 7 hours way so we were pretty much in the middle of forest. I had moved to the United States when I was only a kid and around 3 years ago.
I had the opportunity to go back and visit some of the family that we had to leave behind.

I stayed with my family there for 2 weeks, my family was split with my mom’s side of the family living in the town and my dad’s side having a house in the town but most of their time was spent in their farm that was about a half hour into the woods. They had around 20 cattle, a few dogs, chickens, and one horse. I would go back and forth staying with different family every other day.

I had an experience that I never shared with them because they happened when I was alone.
One night on a Wednesday  everyone had gone to sleep, we were at my dad’s family’s house on the very edge of the town. Looking at my watch it was 3:00 in the morning. I woke up to the sound of barking dogs just outside the house, there was a lot of stray dogs there so it was normal for them to bark in numbers, what was strange though was that eventually all of the barks went quite and I heard one of the dogs whimpering, and eventually I heard all of them scurry away.
I was kind of creeped out and almost intrigued by it.

I opened one of the doors and walked around the house to where the barks were coming from, over there the houses are on a slant since they were built on mountains so the house was on a slant going up. As I went around I felt my heart drop as I saw blood on the street and not too far away from it I saw a thing in a crouching position in the middle of the street and it seemed to be eating something. It’s legs were long and skinny, it had what looked like the hide of an animal on its back, and  the color of its skin was like an ashy dark grey.

As I continued to look at it, it suddenly stopped whatever it was doing and lifted its head, lucky for me it was facing the other direction so it couldn’t have seen me, it turned its head to the left and I was able to see some detail on the side of its face, it’s face was elongated but not too much, almost like a boxer dog, it’s ears were droopy and flopped around, and it had blood all over it’s face.
Now that it had lifted up I could see that what it was eating was a dog, the entire time I looked at it I was completely silent, not because I wanted to keep looking but because I was practically shitting myself. The taste of blood was all over my mouth, which was strange.

The thing stood up, I don’t know how tall it was but it was definitely taller than me and I am 5’9. It made a noise which if I had to describe it was a cross between a dog bark and a wail of some sorts, it stretched out its arms and started walking down the street and out of sight, I rushed back into the house. l locked the door and tried to fall asleep.

Several days later I was packing up to leave when I heard to men just outside talking about last Wednesday night one of them saw something in the street, he mentioned his house was on “La Flor” which was a the name of a street just above the street the house I was staying at was.

He mentioned that it was directly in front of his house and just behind “la cureña street”
I almost had a panic attack when I pieced it together.

The thing I was looking at was on the street infront of me, and I was staying at “La Cureña” street. Which means if what the man was looking at was true, then there was something else behind me while I watched the creature infront of the house.
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