Leather prince
this is a story from a friend of mine. i was 16 and this happened 9 years ago. i was exploring the woods at night after my parents went to sleep i brought a flashlight and a pocket knife just in case. I walked for nearly an hour when i heard something move in the woods around me i looked with my flashlight frantically because i was searching and a guy jumped out at me and pinned me down he put his knees on my arms and covered my mouth saying "ur the most beautiful girl i have ever seen" than he licked my face. I went for my knife but he got it before me and put it against my neck saying "were gonna have a good time" after that he began to undo his pants i was terrified. I managed to get my arm free and i punched him in the face as hard as i could i got him off of me after i got up and turned to run he grabbed my ankle and i fell and i smacked my face off the ground hard and felt blood gushing from my forehead he got on top of me and i kneed him in his groin. He fell to the ground and i got up and ran back to my campsite i told my parents and they didn't believe me until the noticed the gash on my forehead. My father grabbed his shotgun and shot in the air i faintly heard footsteps of the man running off into the woods and i blacked out. The next morning i woke up in the hospital when the doctors said that i must've hit a rock or something because that gash doesn't come from hitting the ground hard. To this day i wonder what would've happened if i didn't get my arm free.
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