Howdy. I like to start off by saying I'm new to being a hunter, but I love being outdoors and being in the wilderness.

My encounter happened during late shotgun deer season, so around late December.
The reason I got into hunting was because my dad wanted to do it since he beleived it was a right of passage for a  young man to take down a deer.

He talked with one of his buddies who had a reasonable amount of land got his permission to hunt his land. During that time we spent the next few days scouting the land and clearing it for place we would like to hunt.

We found a few places and set up tree stands, blinds, the whole 9 yards. One of those spots was a blind all the way at the end of his property in the swamp.
The only problem is during that time while we were survalling the area.
We would come across large dog like footprints and would get the occasional flash of something running on four legs away from us when one of us accidentally stepped on a branch. 

So one night I decided I would get up early and go head to the blind so I got up around 2 am and made the drive out there.
I got there by 3 am by myself because my dad had to work the next day. I made it out there got my gear ready and sprayed some no scent smell on me and some deer urine on my drag so I smelt like a deer coming through.

I was armed with a mossberg 500 and a small headlamp and I headed out into the woods. I dont know about y'all but there's something spookie about walking in the woods in complete darkness.
I'm slowly making my way to the blind and I'm about 100 yards out giver take and I start to hear this howl, so I stop and listen for a few minutes.

The sound sent chills down my spin and gave me a helpless feeling because I was completely alone in a swamp in complete and utter darkness. Thats when I put my shotgun off safety and I sat there.

All of a sudden, I hear something running at me so I turn my headlamp on and aim towards the sound. I hear whatever it is skid to a stop. I could see what it was due to my headlamp being so small and what ever it was ran off.

I wait a few more minutes and begin walking to the blind again. I make it to the blind, I get inside, take off my drag and zip the blind up with me inside.
A few minutes later I hear something scratching at the door of my blind and pushing on it to get in.

I immediately get up and grab my shotgun and point it at the door. I guess the noise of me getting up scared it off and I didn't have any other problems that day.

I recorded the sounds I heard and found out it was a coyote sorry if this isn't a scary story it was for me at the time
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