My name is Ali & I am from Malaysia. This story happen during the MCO which basically means Movement Control Order issued by the Malaysian government during the Coronavirus outbreak which commence on the 18 March 2020 to 31 March 2020. However the Malaysian government further extended the MCO from 1st April to 14 April 2020 due to the Coronavirus situation not improving. During the MCO we are only allowed to get groceries only if necessary & food services will only be available for Take Away only. Malaysia being a Multiracial country consist of Malay, Chinese & Indian we all enjoy eating out & hanging out at "Mamak" shops. "Mamak"s shops are basically 24 eateries where you can order a simple glass of tea or coffee or a simple meal & be able to hang around with your friends for a long time until you finish your gathering. However due to the MCO shops are required to close at 6pm sharp to control the spread of the Coronavirus. This measure have denied me & my friends a place to hang out for our drinks & to kill the boredom. The reason I mentioned above is for the purpose of this story. One night at 8pm my friends Ahmad had a suggestion that we sneak out to a nearby playground  that we usually hang out. My friends Ahmad, Hamid & Jamal have a WhatsApp group that we usually chat with each other & therefore we agreed to hangout at the play ground. We live in Kampung Cheras Baru which is literally a Malay village as the word "Kampung" means village in Malay. Our "kampung" is literally next to a housing estate of middle class Ethnic Chinese & yes in Malaysia even though we are a Multiracial country the different communities tends to live in separate clusters. However , back to my story come 8pm after dinner me & my friends decided to go out to the playground which is our usual hang out place at 9pm. We sneak out of our respective houses at 9pm sharp & we brought along some snacks & our favourite Syrup juice. Although the distance from our house is not far from the playground we normally go there by motorcycles. However my mother has hidden the keys to my motorcycle so I have to ride on Ahmad motorcycle as a pillon rider & Hamid have to ride on Jamal motorcycle as a pillon rider. We did not turn on our engines as not to alert other villagers & our parents as we did not want to get caught breaking the curfew. Once we are at a safe distance we started our engines & we proceed to the playground. The journey from our house to the playground only took 3 minutes & once we arrived we proceed to take out our snacks & favourite drinks. We talk mostly idle talks about girls,  video games, football & racing bikes. The talk that 17 year old teenage boys around our age like. Not long after that I started noticing a weird looking woman in a wheelchair, she was dressed in white hospital gown, with long black messy hair. The thing that strike me is she is wearing a white porcelain mask. Her white porcelain mask reflected strongly from the street lights nearby the playground. She keeps moving around in her wheelchair circling the playground over & over again while is moving she keeps staring at our direction. I alerted my group of friends just to make sure that it's not my imagination. My friends Ahmad, Hamid & Jamal all looked at the strange wheelchair lady as if she was in a staring contest with my friends. Ahmad & I felt a sense of panic while Hamid urge us to ignore her, Jamal on the other hand says if she move any closer to mess with us her will rough her up. Of all the four of us Jamal is the most aggressive and we are considered the most timid. As time pass while chatting up, enjoying our snacks & drinks we noticed that the time is 10pm. I told my friends that I have to go as I do not want my mother to notice that I have left the house. Jamal try to ask me to stay a little longer as he will be leaving at 11pm together with the rest of my friends. I however insisted that I have to leave & I made it clear to Jamal that I am walking home literally without a ride from his a the distance between the playground & our village is only 10 minutes on foot. Then Jamal reminded me of the strange lady in the wheelchair that has been circling the playground that we are in and my friends Ahmad & Hamid stared at me wide eyed urging me to stay with them until it's time for them to leave at 11pm. I took a quick glance of the area surrounding the playground & noticed that the strange woman was no longer to be seen around. I told them I have to go & proceed to walk home. The road that I took was not the main road but a secondary main road which was quite well lit. It is surrounded by affluent bungalow houses on the left & later some terrace house. While walking home I hear the clacking of some metal like somebody is pushing some metal trolley. Curiousity got the better of my when I look back I saw the same lady in the wheelchair & she was calling out "dik". "Dik" is a Malay word for little brother in which is often referred to someone who is of younger in age. She called out to me again but this time I was totally freaked out & I proceed to walk even faster totally ignoring her. But I heard the clacking of the wheel even louder as in near to me & I proceed to run as fast my legs could carry me. I swear I can hear her voice calling me getting angrier & I felt she was closing in on me. I turn around to look again & to my surprise she is moving in the wheelchair in a very fast pace to means literally as fast as a bicycle. I heart beat even faster & I ran even faster to the point that I was almost out of breath. Never was I capable of running that fast & what it seems to running for eternity I was near approaching my village. Then I spotted blue flash lights which to my relieve is a police patrol car enforcing the MCO. The patrol car stopped that two police officers got out from the car. They reprimanded me for breaking the MCO as I was expected to stay at home but I told them in panic that I have been chased by this creepy woman in a wheelchair. I described the woman to those officers & one of them walked up the road to investigate. Unfornately the officer did not see anything & the proceed to drive me home. Once the police arrived at my house they told my mother that I have been wondering around breaking the MCO & my mother of course scolded me for being foolish. The next morning I saw my friend Ahmad & told him what exactly happened when I was walking home & about my horrible experience of being chased by the woman in wheelchair. After a moment of silence Ahmad told me that minutes after I started walking away from the playground the woman in the wheelchair started to follow me. He also said he told my other friends Jamal & Hamid to start their bikes to go home now as I might be in trouble. Unfortunately Jamal & Hamid took the other main road home as they are quite tired. Till this day no one believe my story about the creepy lady in the wheelchair , not the police & not even my mother .But thankfully my friend Ahmad believe me as he personally saw her going after me the moment I proceed to walk home that night. That is a scary moment I will never forget.
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