"Are you sure you want to spend the night?" My mother had asked. We were supposed to go to some girl scouts event, but I had been at my friend Carly's house all day and she was begging me to do so. Carly and I looked at each other. This had been the first time I'd been at her house. I was seven, but it gave me pounding anxiety to even think of spending my time somewhere with a new friend, though the both of us spent hours together in school. "Yes. I do." I said casually, then moving to the couch. "Alright, honey, I'll be over with some of your clothes in a little bit. I love you, bye." My mother smiled, leaving the house.

"Okay, what do you want to do now?" Carly asked and we both sat on the couch. "Want to watch YouTube?" She stood up, turning on a computer of some sort (I don't remember that vividly) and typing something in. Another girl came in shortly after we started watching YouTube videos. I don't remember her name, so we're just going to call her Jane. Jane seemed a little older than the both of us. She brought some food and we continued to watch YouTube together until Carly left the room to get something.

I sat in the middle of the room next to the fireplace because I was shivering. "It's not that cold in her." Jane remarked as Carly came back with a rather large piece of cardboard, a quarter, and a marker. She sat on the carpet and began to draw something. I didn't know what it was, but I now recognize it as a makeshift Ouija board that wasn't extremely effective. I don't remember if she told me what it was. "Nova, put your hand on this..." She told me after drawing out the Ouija board then placing the quarter in the middle.

She said a few words then we began asking questions, about random stuff like what we had for breakfast and what the demon's name was. Then Carly put on a movie. We made a bet. Whoever was to fall asleep first was going to get whipped cream on their face. Of course, Jane fell asleep first, we didn't do that. We weren't that cruel. Then we passed out. I woke up to freezing water on my face, the other girls did too. Mind you, before we'd fallen asleep they were talking about ghost boyfriends, Zack, Jake, and Isaac.. It was terrifying to me. Carly and I went to the bathroom together and rushed back to Jane covered in Mountain Dew.

We went to sleep again, thinking it was nothing and just a cruel prank played by one of the others. Then we woke up again. This time to warm water. I didn't know exactly what was happening, but it brought me to tears. We all went to sleep again and I never spent a night at her house again.
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