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Let me start off with some context about the creature I am about to tell you along with the background of this story. The Impundulu is a shapeshifting  bird that can start lightning storms at random, and is known to attack or even kill humans. Now, for some context about me I am six feet two inches tall and have seen some of the worlds oddest forms of life during my lifetime up to this point.

I was at Africa in order to collect samples of the climate over there and compare it to other African terrains like the desserts and such.

I was sent to a jungle somewhere in Africa, and while I was in the middle of collecting samples with a thermometer a lighting/Thunder storm was starting up, this completely caught me off guard since there were not any reports of any thunder storms in this area.

I did not mind it though since Jungles are humid and tend to have a lot of rain or thunderstorms due to it.

I decided to take cover under a tree which in hindsight is a stupid idea so I consider myself lucky for not being electrocuted. Anyways, during the middle  of the thunderstorm I glance up at the sky and see this bird about the same size as me which I thought was biologically impossible for birds to achieve since the last sighting of any bird like that was well over 50 years ago probably. Once I lock eyes with its stone cold eyes though I realized I made a huge mistake on my part.

The bird then swoops in on me but misses while putting huge gash marks in my shoulders. I fight back with this bird but since it was the same size as me it basically felt like I was fighting myself.

It then let’s out a ear piercing screech and swoops in for one final attack. That is when my life flashes before my eyes, but the bird only scrapes me on the back minorly which gave me the chance to escape while it circled back to finish the job. It was too late though since I already ran out of there while hiding so the bird would not find me. I eventually find my way back to my teams trailer. They drove me to a hospital as quickly as they could.

Luckily, the wounds were not fatal and J was well on my way a couple of days later after a couple of stitches. If this is not the Impundulu, then I do not know what it is at all. My second guess is that it was probably a regular bird but the thing that bothers me the most was it’s size and it’s cold dead stone black eyes.
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