This happened when I was around 12 and when used to go to a  boarding school in Nepal. I heard from my friends at the time that every night at 2am, sound of footsteps came from a box room (storage room) and walked through the corridor and into our room. At first I was skeptical but this changed few days later when I suddenly woke up at around 1am. I tried to go back to sleep but I could not. I was moving around my bed trying to sleep and then suddenly I hear a noise coming from a box room. I was not sure whether it was a student or something else. I hear the footsteps walking through the corridor and then entering our room. I got more scared as it entered, the sound of footsteps went around the room and stopped right in front of my bed. I was so petrified that I could not even look at what it was. I just covered under myself under my blanket and was praying to every God that I knew of. I do not exactly know how long it stayed in front my bed but it started moving after a while and the footsteps disappeared to the place where it first came from. I experienced this on a daily basis after the first experience, till the day I left my school. I had to suffer this horrible experience for more than months. Till this day I do not know what it was but I want put a hidden camera underneath the bed I used to sleep on to check it is.
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