First i would like to say English is not my first language, so please excuse my grammar errors.  

I moved to Minneapolis a few years ago and this story still haunts me to this day. This was a short encounter compared to a lot of stories that were shared here.

Me and my parents landed in Minneapolis airport around noon and head right to the hotel in downtown area. I will not name the hotel since i don't want to hurt their business.  My parents and i were sharing one bedroom since we would only stay at the hotel for a day or two and didnt need to get an extra room. Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason but this was a regular for me so i didn't think much of it . As i tossed and turned in my bed i noticed this figure standing in the room. I know what some of you might think ' sleep paralysis" but as i said i had no problem rolling in bed or breathing. First i thought it was my father since he is 6'3 and 220lbs. However, before i called out for him i looked over to the other bed to see both my parents asleep. At that point my eyes were wide open, i couldn't comprehend what was happening, but this hooded figure stood right there in front of me. This was not one of those " i blinked and it disappeared" moment I observed this cloaked figure for a few moments. It looked like it was wearing a hooded cloak that was made out of leafs. i didn't see its face because it was facing towards the wall but i could easily see the shape and what it was covered in. As i was staring at this thing i wanted to scream but nothing came out all i could do was observe this being whatever its intentions was.... and all of a sudden this figure started to lift its right hand and i could see its hands. Its hand was bony and long like a skeleton  with long fingernails. As it lifted its hand up i noticed it was pointing at something, as soon as its fists clenched except its index finger, a shorter figure appeared right next to it. Now i was staring at two of these things and at that moment i did something no one in their right mind should do, my fight or flight instinct was overridden and i tuned my back to them. I remember thinking " well, this is it, if im going to be taken or killed by spirits that means there is a life after death right"" I know a living beings nature is fight or flight in a dangerous situations, i have no idea why i ignored the basic instinct of ever living thing. I turned my back to them and tried to go back to sleep, you can guess that it wasn't easy knowing that there were two entities in the room. I turned back around to face the wall again to only see that those two cloaked figure have disappeared. I haven't seen those cloaked figures ever again but i keep waking up in the middle of the night.

For those of you think it was just a chair with clothes on it that resembled a person... that section of the room had no furniture or anything that could trick a mind into seeing humanoid cloaked figures.
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Reba Petro
I'd been scared too.
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yeah it was, i still wake up in the middle of the night because of this
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Apart from the middle section needing to be split into smaller paragraphs, your English grammar seems ok to me. 

Nice story!

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