Hi all, so a while back I decided to try this online dating site. I'm pretty introverted but I ended up meeting a couple nice people through it. Although the dates went well, they never progressed. Until I met a guy named "Jay". 

Jay and I saw each other for a few months. We weren't dating, it was just casual and everything was great at first, but then he started to get real possessive real quick and just bad vibes. I decided I've had enough and ended it. He took it pretty hard and wanted another chance, but he already showed me his true colors and it was over for me.

The next couple of weeks he texts me how he thinks about me all of the time, misses me, wants me back, sending me pics of him crying etc.. I ignored it. Then it's "you looked pretty today" Now that made a shiver go down my spine. I decided to tell him to f*ck off or I'll get a restraining order. It was just really starting to aggravate me. I've blocked him numerous of times but he texts me from different numbers.

2 months pass and I haven't recieved anything from Jay. Thinking ok good, he moved on! My coworkers invited me out for some drinks sense it was Friday and we all needed it. We did get a little buzzed and decided to share an uber. Luckily I was the first to get dropped off. 
Once we pulled up to my house, I noticed lights were on inside. Which was odd because I always turn everything off before I leave. My coworker noticed I was frozen in my seat and asked if everything was alright. I explained how I never left any light on, but maybe I accidentally forgot one? So he insisted on walking with me inside. 

We told our driver to wait for us, he had 911 on his phone ready to hit dial sense it's a possible break in. We walked slowly towards my house, no one noticing any kind of movement inside. Maybe no one is here. Maybe I forgot to turn some lights off. But my door was unlocked as well and that for a fact I know I locked. I was about to turn around and go back to the uber car but my coworker pushed passed me and went running inside all hot and crazy like so I yelled for the driver to call the police and ran in after him. I know, I know. Those people in movies are always the first to die cause of their stupidity. Obviously I'm alive though. 

So anyways I followed him inside. We ended up in my bedroom and THERE HE WAS. Jay was SLEEPING in my bed. My coworker knew who Jay was and flipped him off of my bed. It got chaotic for a minute everyone was screaming for him to gtfo he was screaming back and then I noticed Jay has a knife in his hand. He held it up at my coworker telling him to leave now or he'll kill him. And I believed it. His whole face was changed. His eyes were large and darted back and forth, his face was rough. I tried to defuse the situation but it only pissed him off more and had the knife pointed at me. Jay looked me dead in the eyes,and this will forever be etched in my mind, and said 'if she won't be mine, she will be nobodys' Half of a millisecond it felt like went by before I felt a burning sensation in my arm. And my coworker and Jay falling on the ground together. 

Eventually the cops showed up. I ended up getting some stitches with paranoia and I never saw Jay again. Oh and that coworker and I have been together for 4 years now.
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