Hello. my name is Cutler and I am sixteen as of now, and these thigns happened when I was around five or so in my fathers old apartment, so my memories may be a little hazy. We lived on the second floor and my room was on the opposite side of the house my father was on. Now at this time in my life I was having frequent nightmares whenever I slept, which didn't help. I was paranoid and anxious in the dark, but the lights and sounds of cars passing by always calmed me down for some odd reason. One night I went to bed as usual, laying beneath my blanket and looking up at the light that projected onto the wall from the cars below. A short while passed and I was beginning to doze off when I saw that the light was moving back and forth, before it stopped. Now from what I recall I just thought that there weren't any cars driving by at the moment, so it didn't bother me much.

Almost immediately after I felt there was something behind me, near the window. I lay there, uneased but curious. My curiosity got the better of me (no crap, I was 5) and I turned. Looking at the wall I saw the shadowy figure of a person looking at me. I knew this because despite it being a shadow, it's eyes were white, visibly white. I was scared of course and tried to stay still, hoping it hadn't seen me. Geez I thought hiding under my blanket was like some sort of shield. Well, I was a kid. But I digress. This, "thing" tried reaching out to me, but I called out for my father as loud as I could, also covering myself with the my blanket. I didn't feel that thing after I had called my father, but because I was scared I slept with him for a while.

Now to fast forward to this other experience. I don't remember the time gap but I'll try and be as close as I can with this recollection. From last time I started sleeping with blanket wrapped around my legs andheld down by my ankles, with the blanket up top being held down with my head. I thought it was a good idea. That nothing could get me. So I lie there for a while once more, not even starting to doze off when I feel a hand grab my leg. You might say it was my father, but the thing is that I did not hear him enter, and when it spoke- yes it spoke. It did not sound like him. It sounded like a male with a soft voice, and was trying to get to do something like "come out" or something... it's hard to remember. For some reason I went into a sort of fight or flight mode, yelling out the curses and bad words I knew, all while trying to hit this hand. It ended after the hand let go, and I called my dad once more, and I asked him if he heard me yelling or swearing. Odd thing is, is that he heard nothing.

Now I don't believe it was my imagination because it wasn't that dark at that age, and it couldn't have been sleep paralysis because I wasn't asleep nor was I unable to move. Whenever I watch tany of these Darkness prevails videos, this always come to the forefront of my mind... well, I'm done here, have a nice day.
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