I’m a 90s baby, and rather than being blessed with gifts of Furbee’s and Disney Movies, I was an outdoors-kid making mud pies and riding my bike. I was rarely inside, even at a young age. My parents only rules, don’t talk to strangers and get your ass home when the streetlights turn on in the evening. Fair enough.

My cousin Whitney and I have been inseparable the first 15 years of our life, so not surprisingly, my two scariest experiences in my life, happened with her.

One of my school friends down the block had recently moved away, so my cousin and I were granted permission to use the play sets in the yard until a new homeowner moved in.

We spent countless hours a week there, mindlessly playing and laughing the days away until one creeper took that away from us and we could no longer go back.

The day was like any other, and we were over at the empty house. It was the second house from the corner, and the backyard we played in was clearly visible from the side street as the corner house had no fences or shrubbery to block the view.

That was never an issue until the afternoon we heard maniacal laughter coming from the street behind us as we were on the swingset. It was weird, but as soon as we spotted him, he got back on his bike and rode away.

It didn’t take us long to forget about the weirdo and continue on playing. Within 5 minutes, the man was now riding down the back alley, alerting us with his awkward cackling. He never looked at us, but continued by.
We decided we weren’t going to stick around because no neighbours were around and we may as well have been isolated from the public.

As I said, this house was a little more than a block away from my house - so that’s where we made our way towards. We were half way when I heard the flimsy metal creaking of the mans bicycle coming towards us.

In our child brains, what was the best idea? Start climbing under a pine tree that was right in the line of sight of this dude.

As soon as we got under the tree, it felt like a barricaded fortress and we wouldn’t even be spotted, but of course, I was wrong.

The man dropped his bike, started laughing and began running to the tree as he parted the branches to find us. We dove out the opposite side of the tree, and through a neighbours yard towards my house.

Something in my mind told me not to go home - not to show this creep where I lived. I took off across the street from my house which is an industrial area, while my cousin went to my house and notified my dad. I watched from a gravel mound as my dad came out of the house giving me an opportunity to run home.

I ran across the street when I seen it, on the pathway winding down the side of my house from the backalley was the man on his bike. My dad seen him and being the nice guy he is, gave him a warning not to ever come back.

And he didn’t. Until I was around 16.

I wasn’t allowed to have a job, to focus on my studies, and I didn’t have a car either. So my parents would allow me to use their vehicle. When there is a risk of snow, we park the car in the garage near the backalley.

It was one of those times so I did. There are no lights outside the garage, and you have to go through the garden to reach the path that leads up to the house.

As I stepped out, I heard a rustling noise. After gardening season is over, we leave the plants over winter and clean them up in the spring - the rustling was coming from the tall, dead corn stalks and it was easy to see a person standing there. The only light was from moonlight, but it was so clearly a man standing 10 feet away and staring. I sprinted into my house and told my parents, who quickly ran out and found nothing but some wrappers and a pop can.

At the time, and years afterwards I had no idea this was the man that stalked my cousin and I. How did I find out? My mom seen the same man herself, months earlier eating things from the garden. She described the same thing I did, just had a better look. She told me this is who my father ‘threatened’ years ago.

You may be thinking, big deal. So some weird ass ate some food and that’s it. But years later, this same man was convicted of the murder of his brother, and attempted murder of his 80-something year old mother. I don’t think this man is in prison, I think he’s in a mental asylum somewhere up north.

My city has had like....4 murders since the 1980s and for me to unfortunately be face to face with one of those people, it’s a scary, scary thought. If he was mentally unstable enough to attack his family with a knife, what would have stopped him from hurting total strangers..?

Maybe this sounds untrue, but if you look up ‘Melville Saskatchewan Murders’ - it will show the true story. I hope he is never released, it would probably make me drop dead of a heartattack if I ever seen him again...
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