I want to be anonymous due to the fact that I'm Navajo. The names in the story have been changed. As Navajos we are not allowed to talk about skinwalkers, and I don't want my family to know the stupid things I did when I was younger. But I could not resist sharing a story.
So the story starts with my older brother Shane and my younger cousins Loren and Justin were left at my grandmother's house alone at night. We would be having the house to ourselves for the night. All of the adults went to a nearby relatives house for a dinner. Us being the oldest out of the kids we wanted to do our own thing. We decided to go for a walk to a nearby pond and try some late night fishing.
The pond we go to is near cliff cliff, and the trail to the pond is surrounded by a wooded area and is also near a cliff wall. As we gotten closer to the pond my cousin Loren started to talk about a game he plays with his friend at night where they try to summon a skinwalker. He started to talk about the details on how they would whistle at night or say out the Navajo word for skinwalker four times. Then Loren started to taunt me, Shane, and Justin. Saying that we weren't brave enough to play this game.
So me being the fearless cousin, and loving the chance to shut up Loren I found a big rock to stand on having my back facing towards the wooded area, and started to yell out the word for skinwalker four times. After the fourth time there was a whisltle. At that moment I knew I screwed up. I knew this whistle belonged to a skinwalker. The thing about a skinwalker whistle it sends shivers down your back. The whistle will make you freeze, and it will have every hair on your body standing up.
We gaze into the woods. The thing about the woods is that it is not a thick wooded area. At the end of the forest is a cliff wall. We scan the area trying to find the source of the whistle. We then realize it was coming from top of the cliff. As we gaze up there was man standing on top. The man was average height and skinny. His skin was a gray pale color with black marks. This is what you call corpse pait. His hair was messy. His eyes wear bright dirty yellow. He glared back at us. At this moment we are petrified. All we can do is glance back.
He then kneels down he slowly places his hand on the edge of the cliff. He then starts to climb down the cliff. His head face downwards to the bottom of the cliff using all four limbs to climb downward. The best way to describe this is how Spider-Man climbs down a building. When he finally reached the bottom. That's when we booked it back to the house.
As we were running back. You could hear an extra pair of footsteps right behind us. The sound of footsteps would change directions going to the right side of us then to the left of us, and back behind us. Curiosity came over me, and I took a place back. As I look back there was a coyote chasing us. I then remembered what my mother once told me never look at a skinwalker directly in the eye or the victim will fall very ill or perhaps die. I quickly turned my head forward and run.
We finally reached my grandmother's house where we run in a locked the door. We dare not to look out the window. As we settled down we sat in the living room. Then the skinwalker started to tap on the living room window. We all jumped up and face the window. Even with the curtains closed the eyes on this thing could be seen shining from the other side. Then the skinwalker backed away from the window. When his eyes disappeared a loud bang came above us. Footsteps could be heard as it run around on the roof. It started to bang on the roof torturing us. We all huddled together putting our head down to the floor. The bang gained louder and more intense.
And just like that it ended. I do not remember what happen I just remember waking up on the floor with my brother and two cousin in the living room. As I fully awake I went outside to see tracks around the house. These tracks belonged to a barefoot person. As I followed the tracks headed back into the woods. That when I called quits and glanced towards the woods.
Even after all of this happen I still walk to the pond at night and fish. I was always told not to let this kind of people actions ruin the way they live. This is their own true purpose. That why I continue to do what I normally do.

Thanks for listening to my story I have many more stories about skinwalkers and other creatures. I would like to share if people are willing to listen.
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