Firstly, this story is 100% true. It is NOT made up.

It was a fairly warm night, about mid-summer and my older sister (15 at the time) had invited about 3 of her friends over. To lay out how  our garden is set out, we have our patio that reaches out about twelve feet away from our house, then about 50 feet of garden, and another 12-15 feet of garden that has been fenced off, as my father thinks it's ugly and nothing grows there, as no light gets there due to two massive fern trees (maybe 90 or 100 feet tall each).

We have a neighbour at the end of our garden. In contrast to ours, their house is sideways, and about four people's houses end at the side of their garden.

The neighbours that lived there had a (very loud) bull terrier, and they always had it chained up outside. They had recently moved out, after putting their house up for sale so nobody lived there at the time of the occurrence. We were unaware of this at the time.

Well, anyways, it was about 11:00 pm, and my sister, her three friends, myself and our dog, Maple, decided to go into the trampoline to play games and eat sweets, the usual sleepover things, when Maple started growling and barking at the empty space under the trees. It freaked us out a bit, but we decided it was most likely one of our cats making their way back from the neighbours garden.

About ten or so minutes pass, and Maple starts up again. We tell her to shut up and she complies. Another few minutes pass and just out of nowhere, we hear a chain rattling. It scared the shit out of all of us and we ran back to the house.

Maple was going completely bonkers at this point. We got back to the house and we're discussing what we thought had happened. I realised it was most likely the dog that lives with the neighbours at the end of our garden. I told the others and they decided I was most likely correct. We go into the lounge and watch a movie before going up to bed.

The next morning, I see my dad in the kitchen and tell him about what had happened last night, and that it was probably the neighbours dog. He responded with a quick: "It couldn't have been the dog, the family moved out of there about two weeks ago when it was put up for sale". I was completely terrified at this point and now get a weird and unexplainable feeling of dread whenever I go outside when it's dark.

At one point, about a month after the occurrence, I was in the kitchen washing my hands, (the kitchen overlooks the garden) at night, about to go up, when I just got the strongest feeling of dread, and that I was being watched from outside the windows that I have ever experienced, so much that I had to crouch down then lie down in front of the counter so I couldn't be seen from outside.

I believe these two are linked.

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