Laughing Jack
This isn't too long of a story but it was weird. I'm 22 going on 23 years old now and this happened when i was 6 or 7 years old living with my birth mother and her mother (my nana).  It was the middle of june and it was a hot summers day in West Virginia. I lived in the mountains where our back yard was a forest. Me and my 4 brothers(2 older and 2 younger)would go hiking in the woods behind  our house all the time to pass the time. On this day it was about 97° and sunny as we trekked through the woods. After about 30 minutes of hiking we came across this cave. The cave was weird because there was a giant ice pillar in the opening about 7-8 ft tall and 3-4 feet in diameter. As my brothers checked out the  ice piller i noticed that the woods had gone silent. I was a bit of a wuss back then and i got scared easily and being a young boy my 2 older brothers picked on me for this. Well ii told them that I was wanting to go back home when they told me to go back by myself if i was scared. So being the dumb stubborn kid i was i did just that. As i was walking back home i saw what looked like a deer off to my left , when i looked over i saw it was a doe. This doe tho was huge at least 7 ft tall and that scared me because i had never seen an animal that big outside of a zoo. So being the sacred little boy i was i booked it back home and cried in my room untill my mother came in and calmed me down till i eventually passed out. The next night however i saw the doe once more and i was looking at me through my window and its eyes terrified me. I ran into my big brothers room and slept on the floor because his room didnt have a window. I never went outside into the forest again after that.
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Reba Petro
Well you was very young and I might have been scared too.
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