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Story Submitted by: Nick

This is a true camping horror story that occurred 20 years ago in Mt Charleston outside of Las Vegas NV in late October.  My wife at the time and I had just adopted a Husky/German Sheppard mixed breed dog that we named Bear.  This dog was wild looking and we decided to go camping to bond with our new K9 companion at our favorite area to camp and hike, Mt Charleston, just outside of Vegas. 

The next day we packed the Scout International with food, our camping gear and our dog Bear.  We drove up to the mountains arriving near Cougar Ridge Trail off Deer Creek Hwy, arriving around 1600 and hiked around looking for a good spot to set up camp. We hiked up to the top of a cliff about 10 min. from where we parked the Scout, with Bear following us.  We decided to hike down the side of the cliff and figured Bear would follow us, but he did not. We shouted his name for a few minutes, then suddenly, at the top of the 30-foot cliff we just came down the side of, we saw Bear just standing there looking at us. He just stood there looking over the edge.  Then he disappeared, less than 3-4 seconds later he came flying off the cliff like Superman, landing at our feet and skidded past us down the mountain another 30 yards as rocks and dirt filled his mouth. Then he hit a large fallen over tree with his face, instantly stopping him. We examined him, poured water into his mouth and amazingly, he survived jumping off this 30-foot cliff without any major injuries and only had a little bit of blood in his mouth from the rocks and hitting the tree with his face. We had enough excitement and could tell the sun was about to set, so we decided to look for a good spot to pitch our tent and set up camp.

We hiked over to the next ridge away from the cliff and found a small flat 15-foot clearing in the middle of a group of trees. After setting up our tent we made a fire to prepare hot dogs for dinner. It was a clear and cool night and it started to get cold fast, so we let the fire die down and went into our tent with Bear.  I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow, we got on the topic demons as we laid there talking.  A short while later we both felt like it was time to talk about something else and got off the subject. As we laid there silently, it got eerily quiet, we could not hear a sound for a few minutes. Then Bear started to growl, followed by intense whimpering and loud barking.  Then, suddenly it felt like a force was shaking our tent from every direction simultaneously. We did not know what was happening, the violent shaking went on for what felt like at least a minute or two. Bear was barking his head off and we were both sitting up in our sleeping bags, completely petrified. As soon as the shaking stopped, I climbed out of my sleeping bag, grabbed a knife and unzipped the tent just far enough to peek outside. I was amazed to see no one was there and the sounds of the night were back. We immediately both grab our flashlights, put Bear on a leash and unzip the tent all the way. We quickly climbed out of the tent and bolted down the side of the mountain, completing the 10-minute hike in less than 5 minutes, arriving back to where the Scout was parked, leaving our tent and gear up on the ridge. We then drove to another area near Lee Canyon Rd, parked the scout and the 3 of us slept in the back of the Scout with the seat down, huddled together for warmth.

As soon as the sun came up at 0700, we drove back to our original parking spot and silently hiked back to our camp site on the ridge to retrieve our gear and drove back to Vegas.  We never went camping together again in Mt Charleston or spoke of the incident. Sadly, the week after the camping trip, our dog Bear ran away from home, we never saw him again.
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