This is my story when our camping trip went south very fast. We were heading to our camp site and at this time i was 15, my brother was 20 and had his girlfriend who was 19, my sister who was 17, and my parents, i was the youngest and the tallest. I had just went through a break up with my girlfriend i was depressed and quiet 80% of the time my parents kept telling me to cheer and they could tell i was trying but wasn't able to.

When we were nearly there we ran into two guys. They were tall and had messy hair and smelled like straight garbage. They asked if they know where they can find the lake my dad showed them where to go to get there.

I had a gut feeling that those two were bad news.

When we got to the site and set up the tents and the campfire. I had my father's rifle as i was a good hunter and brought my bigger brother with me. He had his own rifle and wanted to learn to hunt.

After a while i noticed multiple pairs of boot prints in some mud i was confused because they loom fresh and knew that this was our hunting and that no one else could be in this area. I brushed it off and showed my brother how to hunt a deer. We managed to shoot one and bring it back for dinner because that's how we camped we hunted what we ate. When nightfall came i was probably only one up in my tent i was drawing in my notebook and thats when i heard my sister get out of her tent and walk into the woods.

I got up and followed with my rifle and i surprised saying "what are you doin up so late" she jumped and turned around relieved that it was just me but she did punch me for scaring her. She said that she was going out for a walk and for a smoke. I said "well your gonna need a guide" she said fine because she was always scared of being lost.

So after walking for a few minutes she asked how i was doing about the break up but i didn't answer.

I told her to stop because i heard something walking nearby so out of instinct i pulled out my rifle. I was waiting to see something but because of how dark it was it was hard to see anything and my sister had the flashlight but she said that the batteries were dead and i muttered "great" i told her to stay behind me in a whisper and she did mostly because i had the only bit of protection.

I yelled who's there and one of those two guys came out of the darkness and i said what are you doing here and he said nothing.

My sister hid herself behind me kind of.  He said something along the lines of "none of your damn business!" He glanced behind me for a second and my natural instincts and adrenaline kicked in and i turned around grabbed my sisters hand and ran all the way back to thw campsite. She came in my tent because i left it unzipped because there was nothing in there at not even my clothes. Everything i had was in my parents tent and mine was closer to where we came out of the woods.

She fell asleep while i stayed up for a while until i heard footsteps around the campsite the footsteps went around my tent my sister woke up she was a very light sleeper.

My heart dropped when i heard a knife glide across my tent lightly. My sister backed up slowly to the other side of the tent. I reached for my rifle but then then the knife stopped laughed and cut the tent open one of the guys tried to climb in but i kicked his face and my sister screamed. And it woke everyone up and they all asked what happened and i explained i the best i could and my dad used his radio to call the ranger who managed this area and they searched the area and found the two guys and two bodies. Me and my family never went camping again.
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