Hello my name is Alex I'm a 23 year old female. I've always been into the creepy, dark and supernatural stuff. My encounter happened about 3 years ago on some back roads of Cahokia Illinois.

One night I was having a bad day so i hit up a buddy I will call B. 

So B swooped me up and went went on a late night roady. We got to these Cross roads on one side is nothing but field and a little old abandoned church legend has it many many years ago the pastor of that church murdered his wife and children and killed himself in the church. 
On the other side of the cross road is a little bit of field and a decent size patch of woods and another church with a parking lot. B and I went behind the church facing the patch of woods.

We sparked up the blunt and is talking about my day and I looked up out the windshield window and I saw a 8-9 foot tall thing, it was definitely a werewolf.

It was very big like bigger than Andrea The Giant big, it was black and covered with hair, the ears were tall and pointy like a German Shepherd ears, the eyes were glowing orange red color, it's hands were huge and it had some huge ass claws and it had a big ass wolf head a long snout. I stare at it felt like hours but it was only a couple  minutes. 

I rub my eyes trying to be sure that I'm not just seeing things then I saw it move and it smiled a big smile, it's teeth were huge could definitely rip you to shreds with no issue, it felt like it was laughing at me so I nudged B and said let's leave now he looked at me and asked why then he followed my gaze at the thing. B yelled oh shit and backed out of the parking lot like a bat out of Hell. We hit the road and I looked out my side mirror and I saw it staring on two legs in the middle of the road watching us drive away still seeing the smile on it's face we hear a blood chilling howl.

It looked just lik the werewolf from Van hellsing when he turned and fought Dracula. Honestly I'm kind of weird and I'm going to say it was kind of sexy but I'm glad we were able to get away before it decided to make us it's next meal.
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