So this is the first time I've ever shared a story with any of the narrators I listen to at night for my bedtime stories. This story is 100% true and it takes place in Cincinnati Ohio, specifically Clermont County.

So i'm a female, I'm 31 years young now and this happened in 2006 so at the time I was 17 going on 18. . My boyfriend we will call M, my friend we will call A, and her boyfriend now husband we will call N are the ones involved in this unexplained event.

So for some background first, there is this abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods and you can only get to it by walking about a mile one way. There are abandoned cars, an ambulance, some tractors and other random vehicles like a short school bus and they're all covered in gun shots. There is not even a path to drive a vehicle back there if there was we would be walking a mile one way to get there so we're not sure how they even got there or how long they've been there.

My boyfriend and I had gone with two other friend previous to our encounter and it was creepy but not compared to what happened when we went with A and N. So on our previous trip we went with our friends T and J. T and myself went upstairs and had a Ouija board, we just asked random stupid questions I can't even remember. What I do remember is it spelled out "Hooey". We said goodbye on the board and was looking around the upstairs which was really just an attic. We found massive kids socks in the wall, it was really random and weird. We got startled when an alarm clock started ticking. It wouldn't stop so I smashed it to pieces and that was that. We walked downstairs where the boys were and made our way back outside. We found a creepy well that was covered up and then all the sudden we heard that alarm clock start ticking again but I know I had broken it so that kinda spooked us but nothing major. We saw an outdoor cellar we went in and there was a girls child boot with a bone inside the shoe so I was like okay we're done for today lets go.

So my boyfriend and myself were telling A and N about this cabin and what happened when T and J came with us. So we decided we were going to go later that day. So the day this encounter happened M, N, A, and myself went to the lake, packed a cooler with food and crap and spent probably 5 hours or so at the lake and ate and just hung out. We left the lake stopped at A and Ns house, dropped the cooler off which was in the trunk of the car, this is important for later in the story. After getting everything out of the trunk from our lake trip we headed to my boyfriends parents house where we parked the car and began our hour walk. We had flashlights and that was it. The walk there was very uneventful, we have to walk though 2 huge drainage tunnels to get to this cabin as well. So we make it there and it wasn't dark out but it seemed different this time. I'm not sure how to really explain it, but it was just different but we did come later in the day than previously so I was like okay whatever.

Just like last time when we get inside A and myself was going to go upstairs, I wanted to show her the socks in the wall and I also wanted to check on that clock I broke last visit that I heard ticking outside previously. As we start to go up the stairs there was a big crash, like something was thrown or knocked over. A gets freaked out and then out of nowhere she books it outside back down to the creek yelling at M, N, and myself to come on. I go chasing after her and she's in tears having a full blown panic attack saying something, finally I get that she saw someone looking in the window at us. We tell the guys and literally nobody is around, only the 4 of us. Since she's so distraught we decide to go ahead and leave.

So as we're walking back down the creek bed, heading back the same way we came, which is the only way there, M, and N are kicking over these huge rocks. We stop and realize there are huge rocks, I'd say boulders standing right up in a line the entire way down the creek bed. They couldn't have been there not even 20 minutes prior because we'd have noticed them as we were now. So this seriously freaked all of us out. This is not normal and this is not natural. So we pick up the pace and start to haul ass out of there. We make it to the first drainage tunnel and we turn on our flashlights, literally none of them will turn on. Four flashlights that worked perfectly fine on the way there and now none of them will turn on. Holy shit! What is happening?!

So 30 minutes later we're back at my boyfriends parents house where A and N car is parked. A gets in the car because at this point she's ready to go the fuck home and forget this event ever happened. The rest of us are still outside the car. A suddenly gets out of the car screaming and jumping up and down and flaying around. She is covered in ants! We are like what the actual fuck is going on? So we look and they're coming from the back seat from the trunk! N opens the trunk of his car and laying in the trunk is this huge rusty extremely old wool sock covered in ants!! Now remember what I said earlier in the story? We had been in and out of that trunk ALL day long and there was nothing in the trunk when we left their house from dropping off the cooler, now there is a fucking wool sock covered in ants that covered their car! This was too much for any of us to even wrap out heads around. Needless to say we've never been back there and I personally will never go back there.

So it turns out the man who used to live in that cabin was named Hubert and he was often called Hooey. My bf had actually been to the cabin once before I ever went and he found these journals there. The man was an alleged child molester. His journals went into detail about his urges and ect. I'm not going to go into that too much.

But again, this story is 100% true and it was honestly the one and only time I've ever encountered something like this. I will never go back to that cabin. Ever. Even to this day talking about it and right now I have goosebumps. I can't explain what happened that day. I have no idea what A saw that scared her so bad in the window. But I do know boulders do not stand straight up on their own in a line and nobody could have done it so fast to scare us. Nobody could have messed with our 4 flashlights and nobody could have put that old dirty ant infested wool sock in A and N car trunk.

If you ever are wondering through the woods and come across a random cabin just leave it alone. You never know who lived there, what they did, and who or what may still be there. Unfortunately I learned that the very hard and unsettling way.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and hopefully sharing it.
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