Eason's mom
When I was around 11yrs old, I was visited by a spirit while standing at my bus stop.

That morning, my alarm failed to wake me up and for some reason I just happened to open my eyes, and found there was 15 minutes until my bus was to arrive! So anyway, I was running behind, i threw something on, used some mouth wash, and grabbed my bag before flying to the bus stop! All of this was necessary to mention because it's the prefix of what happened next. 

Now, I'm a Native American female and I take my culture seriously! I'm standing at my stop waiting for my bus driver to show up who was notoriously late. I stand up after tying my shoe and I glance across the road to the abandoned driveway to my left. I instantly froze, standing about 6'6" tall was a Native American male with long braids, one on each shoulder, dressed in a flannel shirt and ripped up blue jeans!

He looked so out of place and It's hard to explain, but I knew that he was a spirit even though he didn't look like it. I stood not blinking for, what felt like, an hour straight!

I got the sense that he wasn't malicious. As soon as my bus started up the hill to my stop he disappeared! I was shook to my core for the rest of the day! I've got goosebumps just reciting this right now! There's a second part to this but I'll leave it here. Always beware of who's around you, living or dead...
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