I have listened to your stuff on Youtube a while and I decided since I posted two stories, this is my second. I grew up in Evergreen CO between 1981 to 1990 and have lived most of my childhood on Brookforest Road, which is a winding road and looks kind of cool during the summer and really fun during the winter if you like ice and has some choice sledding spots. 

There is one tourist attraction on Brookforest and its the most beautiful, it is called the Brookforest Inn. It was built in the 1890s by a man named Weiss and has been one of the most beautiful buildings. When I lived across the street, I was about 6 years and my family rented a small red house across the street from the inn. It was once a stable house, it wasn't the livery which had been condemned for years, you could see it from the front yard though. 

There were several things strange and ghostly about the Inn, and one of them was the top floor never was inviting, the fact is people who stayed there just felt uncomfortable. My sister and I would go there to explore the owner had a little girl and we would just explore. The rooms were being renovated so there was only one working bathroom in one of the main suits, this will be important to the story trust me. I was running around and got slightly bored, I told my sister I was going to be downstairs. 

Now to tell you as a 6-year-old this is my first ghostly experience would be a lie, my grandmother's house is haunted so yeah...seen ghosts. Anyway, I was standing about the third step from the bottom of the stairs in the entry to the Inn and suddenly I felt a hand of an adult suddenly shove me the rest of the way down the stairs. I was just falling onto my butt staring up and around, while my father yelled at my sister who was actually going to the bathroom. She was nowhere near the area I was in.

I was stunned and utterly unaware of the ghost stories surrounding the place until I was in my 30s when I was watching a Halloween special on Fox31 about haunted places of Colorado and guess what was there the Brookforest Inn. I told my fiance who was living with an ex-girlfriend near there and he said, "Yeah, the entire area of Brookforest is haunted!" 

If you are ever in Evergreen CO, please have a look at the Brookforest Inn and take some pictures, the place is beautiful and I do miss it horribly.  I have always wanted to go back to the place of my youth and show my nephew because honestly, his mother and I were the happiest playing in the shadow of a haunted inn that looks like it should be in Germany. 
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