By alrick147

Me and my family had to move due to my dad's work. Most of my family are light sleepers, this is important later. I also used to listen to native American legends and myths. Stories about wendigo, skin walkers, etc.

I listened to these stories because it seem to be a good source for the stories to be true which I liked for some reason. The only problem is the stories make me jumpy and now I can't enter a room without looking around it first. This is also important. The house we moved into was nice but it was in the woods and had trees all around the house.

One of the first nights I was there I woke up to scratching on my window. I wanted to go outside and just break it off, but my paranoia got the better of me. So I just decided to go to the kitchen and get some water. There were branches scratching the windows in there to. Then I realize it was just the wind. So I had a quick breath of relief and a quick laugh at myself and went back to bed feeling stupid for not thinking of wind sooner.

The following morning I see my brother pouring a bowl of cereal. I grab a bowl and do the same. I ask my brother “how about that wind last night? Must of keep you up all night.” He looked at me like I was crazy and asks “ what wind? I slept like a baby.” This hit me like a ton of bricks, my brother is the lightest sleeper I have ever known. I run outside to find deep scratches in my window but no branches close enough to scratch them. There were also long but thin footprints.
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