I live in a small town near Great Falls Montana, one night about 2 years ago late at night, me and my cousin were sitting in my room playing video games and joking around. We were home alone and didnt think much about it, I remember watching a video about skateboarding and for some reason my cousin paused the video, I looked at him confused. He was in complete shock looking at the window next to my bed, now keep note my cousin always liked to mess around and scare people but something seemed so off with the way he looked, he looked petrified, I didnt bother asking what was wrong I just turned to the window, I couldnt see anything. I looked at him and said "come on dude I know your messing around" and then he started almost crying, I was freaked out and didnt know why he was crying, he was trying to talk but nothing was coming out of his mouth he was just frozen in fear, like he was in a trance, after a minute he started to calm down and he told me what he saw.

He said there was a grey figure looking at him through the window with bright blue eyes. I have never seen him so surreal and I believed him, we sat in the living room for about 30 minutes when we decided to go back in my room. But as soon as we walked in we heard a blood curtling screech that came through the window. It sounded like someone took a fork and knife and scraped the two together, but it was incredibly loud. Me and my cousin ran into the spare room across the house from my room we hid from any window near us and called my parents who were not to far away.

They rushed home and found me and my cousin sitting in a corner paralyzed in fear, we told them what had happened and even though we sounded crazy they believed us. We ended up moving out of that house a month later, that was the first time I have heard about this "creature", the second time was even more terrifying. Only 3 months ago my friends and I were celebrating a festival that our town hosts every year, there was 6 of us and we were driving around in a side-by-side on small roads that led around a forest, these roads were not taken care of and were very bumpy and we didnt wanna get in a wreck so we drove 5 miles below the speed limit. We were all listening to music, singing along and we all see this really bright blue object shining at us in the tree lining, they looked like a pair of eyes.

We stopped for a minute and tried to decide what it was and then it started moving. The only thing we could see were the eyes of what seemed to be a 6 to 7 foot tall creature. We speed off in a hurry but we all wanted to know what it was so we went back to the tree lining. We all sat there not saying a word waiting for someone to make the next move, we all started talking about what it could be and a kid I'm not gonna say his name but he got out and started walking towards the tree line.

He started calling us "losers" and "sissies" for not following him so we all got out of the vehicle and started to follow him in the trees. We walked around the area exploring, we were there for about 10 minutes when we all hear the loudest scream that came from what seemed like 5 feet away, the scream was so loud I could have sworn my ears were ringing. We all ran back to the side-by-side and when we started driving away we all saw a huge white, blue eyed creature that looked human, I couldnt make out many other features because it was dark. I tell this story all the time to people and I dont care how crazy I sound but I will never forget those two nights.
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