Chris M
This happened to me back in 2002 when I was 7 or 8 years old. I lived in Oologah, Oklahoma at the time and my dad took me to Blue Creek to go fishing. Well it was moreso an off the beaten path hunting trail connected to Blue Creek which was part of Oologah Lake. Anyway, I fished at a small stone bridge near the entrance to the area while he went further up the creek. I was perfectly happy to be alone catching perch and one small catfish.

As the sun started setting is when things got unsettling.

I was still fishing and minding my own buisness when I heard what sounded like a mixture of a whine and laughter off in the distance. I thought nothing of it though. People came out there all the time for hunting and fishing. A few minutes passed and I heard it again, but it sounded closer. It sounded exactly the same too. I wasn't scared yet, and I'd chalk that up to me being too young to recognize something was wrong.

Then I heard it a third time and it was even closer with the exact same tone as before, like it was a recording.

At this point I was spooked and began looking around. I heard it again along with a rustling sound in the nearby brush. I panicked and ran up the creek bank where my dad was.

I told him what happened and we left soon after. We never went back there. I had more or less brushed it off as a strange animal but then I started listening to a lot of the stories on here and some of them made me think of back then. I decided to ask my dad about it and what he told me disturbed me. He had said he'd heard it too but only for a little while so he thought it was just an animal.

When I came running up to him and told him what happened, he didn't mention what he heard to avoid scaring me. It probably saw an easier target in me. Needless to say, I have no intention of returning to that place.
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