There was this guy that I hanged out with we even had a baseball team together I remember this one time he tried to attack someone with a baseball bat it took all of us to hold him back that should have been a sign for what was going to happen. Years later in July 20 2017 he would break into the Thomas’ house wearing a ghillie suit and shot 36-year-old Tammi Thomas in the head with a 22-caliber pistol. Then shot the son in the arm. Court records show Teague had texted a friend the night before saying he wanted to kill Thomas' son. He was friends with the kid and they had a falling out I think over a girl and then they were over social media and text messages going back and forth. A leaf from the killer's Ghillie suit was found at the murder scene, according to officials. Court records show it matched the ghillie suit found in Teague's closet. Police said they also found a .22 caliber pistol. In November 29 2017 Blaize Teague charged as a adult will serve life in prison for first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill. He will also serve 20 years for the burglary charge. 

if you want proof here is a link

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who´s me
I wonder why he was wearing a ghillie suit of all things
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That's my question too
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Tammi, Christian and his little brother  (Who needs not be named) are family. I am related to the boys father. What happened to them by the hands of Blaize Teage was nothing short of horrible. The family and community of Cordell are still trying to heal.
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