I’m not good at writing so I hope you can read this Ok.
I live in California and I was staying in these apartments it was 10 o’clock at night and I was taking out the dogs until one of my dogs started acting really funny he started barking into the darkness I couldn’t see anything I did get scared so I started walking toward the only light in the whole apartments it was a street lamp and my dog started growling at this other dog but I noticed something strange this dog or what I thought was a dog the light from the light post wasn’t reflecting off this dog it was like the light was being absorbed into this dog it had no shadow the only thing I was able to see was the legs and partly the head it was like I was looking right into a void of blackness and this Dog? Was big after it walked away from the light it just disappeared and after that I never saw it again.
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Avery Ann Jones A jone
Okay if see something like that  run the other direction be safe  stay  safe 😊
Avery jones 
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