The weather was cold that night. There had been a slight breeze; enough for the trees to howl throughout the Northern Arizona night. I had been in my truck, taking some dabs with a couple friends, getting ready to do some back woods partying.


     We had music playing, it was a playlist I had on spotify that mainly contained songs by ICP; Boogie Woogie Wu had been playing at that moment. I had the rig while everyone was talking, coughing, and rapping along with Violent J and Ol' Shaggy Shags.


     The truck cab got really smokey, which impaired our vision even more than it already was, being we were all pretty faded as is. We all decided to ease off the dabs for a while, and just mellow before cracking into the booze that we had.


      We had the cab light on to see what we were doing. Damn thing was pretty bright, not bright enough to shine through the thicket of smoke we had accumulated from all the wax, but you can see everything within a couple inches from your face.


      The song had changed; Dead and Gone by Twiztid. The base was deep, it shook the truck just a little bit. I was hand banging, it was one of my favorite songs. Everyone else sat back and hung out. One of my friends, we'll call him E, held his girlfriend and cuddled. His back was against the driver side window. He was chatting while he felt a slight thud.


         The thud caused him to turn and look behind him. It felt like something was thrown at the window. A small rock, or maybe a hand slapping against it. Whatever it was had everyone's attention.


"What is it, baby?" His girl asked.


"Something hit the window. You didn't feel that?" He replied. She shook her head, leaning forward, now feeling uneasy.


"Are you fucking with me?" She asked, looking at him with sincere intent.


"No, I'm dead serious! I felt it right on my back!" He said, I turned down my music to hear the situation, "What's going?" I ask, spinning around in my seat to look at them, "Something tapped on the window behind me." E stated again.


"I bet it's just a joke, Panda, don't worry about it." His girlfriend remarked.


"Baby, I'm not joking. I felt it!" He said, now irritated. He believed that it was real. He looked at me, his eyes were narrow, but you can tell he wasn't bullshitting. "Do you want me to go check it out?" I ask, sensing the tension rise. I didn't want the mood to be killed even more than it already was.


"Pfft, I wouldn't." E's girlfriend scoffed.


"I'll go out there with you, yea." He said in response as he grabbed his girlfriend's waist to move her. She stood her ground, and huffed.


"You guys are fucking insane!" She shouted, "What if it was some psycho?"


"Maybe the guy wants to smoke with us, we got a seat free up here." I joked, then grabbed my pocket knife from my pocket as i opened the door, E followed.


     We kept close to each other while E's girl kept in the truck, smoking a cigarette to calm her stress. E had his phone's flashlight on. He shined it through the trees to see if he could scope anything out; nothing could be seen.


     We crept deeper into the brush, the leaves crushed a lot louder under our feet, especially since we were just walking. We were too high to even be ready to stay quiet. E scoffed, "There ain't shit out here, man." I glanced at him while I clutched onto the handle of my pocket knife, "It probably took o-"


"Shh, stay still." E said, shining the light to the left of him, "Something's walking."


I stopped and I listened. There were, sure enough, harsh, heavy footsteps crashing through the leaves. My eyes widened, as closed as they were, and I gripped tighter to the handle. I looked over to E, he was frozen.


     His eyes were glued to one spot. At first I couldn't see what he was seeing. It was like he was staring out at nothing. E finally broke the silence, whispering to keep from drawing anything close to them, "There's glowing eyes a couple feet away. Look closely." He said, my eyes darting around the direction he pointed out.


      That's when I saw it; eye shine. They were a whitish, yellow tint. They looked to be about 7 or 8 feet off the ground. Fear had grabbed a hold of both of us. The eyes crouched down a foot, almost like whatever it was hunched down, then it took a step forward. It revealed a dark brown, hairy face. It almost looked like a gorilla crossed between a human. The eyes were slightly sunk in, and the nose was flat.


       My hand began to tremble as I stared into it's yellow eyes. The... Thing's face scrunched as if it smelled something it didn't like, then it let out a low gutteral grunt. Our hearts sank while we heard the noise. It felt powerful. It glanced to E, then it gnashed it's teeth. They were fuckin huge; they were almost human. The only difference between these teeth and a human's were the K9s. They were abnormally larger than normal, hanging down over it's bottom K9 teeth.


       E didn't show fear when it did this, he was in shock. He was in a confused tranced. I subtly tapped his back and whispered, "we should run. Now." He didn't show much of a response, though he did shrug out a very soft nod. The creature kept us in its sight, and it was as if it knew what we were planning, because it took another large step toward us and growled.


        Our bodies both turned as if we were in sync and we both ran. The creature gave chase for a short distance, crying out with an angry tone in its cries. They were higher pitched, and gave the same rumble as the grunt did. We felt the ground shake as it ran for us, and the cries sounded like they were right behind us. E sped up, and i tried my best to keep up with him, trying my hardest not to become a monster's midnight snack.


         After a couple feet we saw the truck and ran our hardest. E made it in first and dived in through the door, I slowed down once my hands touched the cab. We both drew heavy breath as we felt the adrenaline pumping through our veins. We were ready to get the hell out of there, both of them waited for me to get in the truck; E shouted at me to get my fat ass in so we can peel out, but my mind was drawn a blank.


          Something was telling me to turn around, E's voice faded as I turned. The figure was just outside the tree line, staring at me with those glowing yellow eyes, it's teeth were gnashed just like they were towards E. But it wasn't crying out anymore. I locked eyes with it one last time before my body forced itself out of the trance it felt like I was put through. I quickly hopped into the truck and slammed the door, cranking the ignition and revving the engine. The sooner the truck started, the quicker we could distance ourselves from this tall, hairy thing that had chased E and I.

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