J. Shirazi
I'm a 16 year old kid. I live in Lakeside, Henrico County, Virginia. It all started on christmas eve. I was talking to my friend Nick on the phone. All of a sudden I start hearing twigs snapping in the back alley way. I go to check it out, and this "thing" stands up, staring at me with red eyes. It smelled so horrid, so disgusting, it was horrible. We looked at each other for about 3 or 4 seconds, before it moved closer to me, and that's when I took off running for my fucking life. I ran in, slammed the doors, and my mom asked me whats wrong, I told her that there is something outside, she looked, and saw it to, this time, it was in my back yard. We just stared at the thing for about 10 minutes, then it moved, climbed over the fence, and wandered off. Fast forward to Feburary, I get curious to what this thing is, so I go into the direction of the it ran off to, which in this case is the woods across the street. This time, my moms boyfriend was with me, with out hunting rifles. We did see it again. It still smelled like death. I accidentally stepped on a stick, and it looked at us, and picked up a rock and threw it at a tree near us. We ran to fast, I thought I would faint. Since then In haven't seen it. Hopefully I don't see it EVER AGAIN
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