I grew up watching those Monster TV shows like Monsters and Mysteries in America, Mountain Monsters, and Finding Bigfoot. I always believed these TV shows were real and I’ve always believed that there are unexplained and strange creatures on this planet.  I was hunting in Dunnellon  FL. It was the middle of deer season. The area that my stand was in was a 150 yard long and 50 yard wide open strip and I had my stand 5yards in the trees. I had my  Remington .243.  5:00 had rolled around and the wind was blowing hard and it was getting colder. I was about to get down and walk the quarter of a mile back to the truck, when I could hear a faint sound over the wind of something walking in the palm meadows so I decided to sit for a bit longer and see what it was. About 2 minutes go by and the wind stopped and the walking sound was louder and seemed to pick up speed. When I could see a figure running through the bushes. This thing was tall! The palm meadows were probably 6 feet tall and the thing was about three feet taller than the palms. It was hairy and completely black, it ran past me and kept on going till I couldn’t hear it any more. I haven’t seen any thing like it again.
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