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Right after I graduated high school, some time in the early 2010s, I had a close group of friends that I did everything with.  It consisted of my girlfriend (let's call her Ella), and my two best friends, let's call them Sean and Christian. 


It was early summer, mid-June, and we decided we wanted to take a road trip out and hang out in the mountains.  We didn't live that far from the most iconic mountain in our state, so we headed that way, in Sean's beloved Pontiac, affectionately named Banshee.  We packed the works, snacks, drinks, and after some pestering on my part, because I was a bit of a safety nut, warmer coats, flashlights, and water.  We were gonna make a night of it, even if it meant driving back home at one in the morning, which we were all very accustomed to at that point in our young adult lives. 


We ended up driving up an old, infrequently used logging road and parking near what seemed like a good spot to start our impromptu hike.  We parked The Banshee on the side of the road, which was about a foot away from a ditch that was about five feet deep and at minimum ten feet across.  On the other side of the ditch was a copse of small trees, young saplings no more than three inches in diameter.  It wasn't safe to cross the ditch unless you used the narrow trail that cut through the ditch into the woods, so we ended up using that, and headed into the woods to start our adventure. 


We spent the entire afternoon wandering and talking and basically just chewing the fat. Around early evening, we had settled down and started a small fire to keep warm.  There was a clearing that we'd discovered, and there was a fire pit from previous campers, so we used that to start one.  Since summer was only just beginning, the nights were still pretty chilly.  This night wasn't any different, and, being impulsive young adults, we were beginning to regret coming out without better gear, despite our coats and the fire.  It was cold enough that our hands were too numb to open the snacks, so that began dampening our spirits.  I was getting especially grumpy, since I hadn't had a lot of sleep the night before. 


I began getting especially irritable sometime around nine, since we only had junk food in our stomachs, and the smoke from the campfire was giving me a massive headache.  At some point, I ended up bickering with Ella over some silly topic that I can't even remember now, and stormed off into the woods to cool off.  Even though I know it was a silly topic, it had really upset me, and I was in tears for at least five or ten minutes. I wasn't quiet about it either. 


As I was beginning to calm down, a sound came to my attention: a not-so-distant, rhythmic knocking, like someone hitting trees with a stick.  I knew it wasn't any of the others, because I was close enough that I could still hear them talking, and I would have heard them approaching, since there was so much debris on the ground. My heart stopped, then started pounding as I listened to the other sounds that began accompanying the knocking. Breathing, like a heavy, deep breathing, as if whatever was breathing was getting angry. And I mean angry. The knocking was getting more and more deliberate, intense. It sounded like if whatever was being hit was hit any harder, it was going to snap. 


Now I'm a big fan of myths and the supernatural, and my state is famous for its Bigfoot sightings. Hell, some of my family have even claimed to see Bigfoot.  I didn't want to jump to conclusions, but the first thing I thought of was that Bigfoot communicates by knocking on trees with sticks.  My heart was skipping beats.  Here I was in the middle of nowhere, and I hadn't had the good grace to grab a flashlight before I stormed off.  The knocking, and the breathing, was getting closer. 


I was out of there.  I turned around and headed back the way I came, luckily coming right back to the campsite. The fire had been put out, and my friends were gone.  I could hear them calling for me, from the direction of the road.  I quickly answered them and said I was coming. The knocking was farther away, but still aggressive and sharp in its retort. 


I finally made it back to the Banshee, which was idling in the middle of the road, with Ella, Sean, and Christian standing near the front of the car, looking just as freaked out as I was. Apparently they'd heard the knocking too, and decided to call it quits then, thinking that I'd find my way back to the car eventually. Calling me hadn't been an option since there was zero reception out there. I assured them that I was fine, and then we had the absolute crap scared out of us. 


It had all happened so fast that it felt like it was happening in slow motion. There was an eruption of snapping noises, as something huge just casually brushed those saplings aside in the same way a normal person would walk through tall grass.  We could see trees snapping like toothpicks in the light from the headlights.  The breathing was audible now, along with an angry grunting.  The next thing we knew, a large humanoid figure, at least nine feet tall, appeared out of the treeline. It didn't even pause before it leaped over the ditch, it just... Casually stepped over it, like you would if you were stepping off a curb. 


It cleared the ditch completely, and landed in a crouch in the center of the road, looking at us as it did. We'd been frozen in shock as the sound and the creature's appearance, but when it landed in the middle of the road after jumping the ditch like a kid playing hopscotch, we scrambled, comically, over each other to pile into the Banshee and speed off. I remember looking back and seeing it charging after us as we drove away, but it quickly gave up the chase and returned to the woods. 


We decided after that encounter that we'd just stick to normal, populated areas for hangouts. Thanks for sharing my story! 




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