So i'm a female, 31 years old. This happened when I was like 15 years old and to this day I have a thing for wide eyes or big eyes, they creep me the fuck out. It's a real thing, they truly scare me.

So when I was 15 I obviously had chores like all, or most teenagers do. One of my chores every now and again was to mow the grass. I live in Cincinnati so in the summer it is extremely humid. So on this particular day I was mowing the grass I had on shorts and a crop top. I mowed the front and that was that. Now at the time I lived off an extremely busy street that ran through my little town.

Couple weeks later my mom and dad decided to sell the boat we had sitting in our driveway. I lived in a little town about 35 minutes from downtown Cincinnati and it was in Clermont County. So on the day this all happened it was just my mom, my little sister who was 6 at the time and myself. My dog was there too but she was a miniature pinscher so her bark was bigger than her bite. It wasn't her fault she was only like 6 pounds so she tried. Anyway, I hear my mom shouting for me asking if I knew who drove the red truck that just pulled into our driveway. I told her I didn't. She says maybe he's here about the boat. So her and I are looking out the door window. We had one of those wooden doors but it had glass up top so you could see out directly and also that means you can see in directly. So we're watching and this man is not moving. He's just staring straight ahead and begins revving his engine like he's going to ram through our family room bay window or something. My mom knows something isn't right here. She steps outside onto our porch staying very close to the door and yells "Excuse me sir, can I help you with anything? Are you interested in the boat for sale?" He then starts revving his engine even louder. My mom quickly grabs my and my sister and puts us in my bedroom and tells me to lock the doors and not to come out no matter what I heard. I grab my little dog and am holding my dog and my sister. Them I remember that the office sliding doors are all open and unlocked, only the screen doors are closed.

My mom had an extension built on the house as a home office because she was a realtor. So I begin to think with so many open ways in my mom can't do this alone. I open my bedroom window which leads into the back yard which we had a huge privacy fence so I knew she'd be safe with the window open. I put my deck chair up against the window, tell her to lock the doors and if i'm not back in 5 minutes to go out the window through the little opening all the way at the other end of our back yard which leads to your back neighbors and to take the dog with her and call 911, I then gave her a hug and smile and told her everything would be okay and locked the door behind me.

When I peek around the corner into the living room I see my mom pushing on the front door with a shotgun and this man has his face pressed up against the glass and his eyes are just huge, wide, and crazy looking. It instantly freaked me the fuck out. I begin the army crawl through the living room past the door so he can't see me and so I don't distract my mom. My dad collected stuff from like WW1 and WW2 and kept them on the bookshelf by the kitchen and dining room. I grab his bayonet off the bookshelf and continue to army crawl to the office. I quickly shut and lock all the sliding glass doors so the only way this man is getting in is through the front door.

Once I have the office secure I quickly call 911, and go over to the door where this man in and push on the door with my mom, looking at his huge crazy big ass eyes and yell I have called the police and they're on their way. He quickly goes back to his truck, my mom gets the door secure and then we hear the revving only this time it's more aggressive and extreme. Holy shit! He is going to ram his truck though our family room bay window. He's getting in before the police come.

I hand my mom the phone and go running to my room. I knock and tell my sister to open the door. It takes her a minute but she unlocks the door, I knocked just has she had began to climb the chair to the window to run to the back neighbor. Thank god I caught her in time because this man didn't ram our bay window he took off. But his lips and nose prints remained on our front door on the glass part.

The police arrive and we explain what he was driving and what he looked like. I had gotten his plate number also. They found him 10 minutes up the street at a gold star. It took 6 policemen to take him down and into custody. He claimed to have an epileptic seizure and had no memory of what had happened. Um, can you say bull shit!

Turn out what really caused this random big eyed psycho to try to break into our house was a few days previously he saw me outside mowing grass and my mom working on the flower bed and thought we were very pretty.

I lived in a pretty small area in Clermont County growing up so I'd see him around. His family had money so he got off pretty easily given what he did. Whenever I'd see him, which was mainly where I worked I had to go in the back and stay there until he left.

So to the man who's name I can't put in here and who caused me to literally be terrified of big eyes, lets not ever, ever, meet again.
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Oh my gosh, you poor thing! I’m sorry you experienced this.
The only one who will truly ever get you is you.
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